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ArticleMysterious “Black Goo” Of Egyptian Burials Demystified ashley cowie11 month 6 days ago
ArticleDead Seas Scrolls Reveal that Noah's Ark Was Shaped Like a Pyramid Natalia Klimczak641 month 2 weeks ago
ArticleThe Exceptional Cuban Underwater City: Prehistoric Ramifications of its Origins – Part II Brad Yoon142 months 3 weeks ago
ArticleWhere are Ashkenazi Jews from? Their Origins May Surprise You aprilholloway162 months 3 weeks ago
ArticleEleanor, Countess of Desmond: Ireland’s ‘Forgotten’ Heroine Anne Chambers13 months 17 hours ago
ArticleSearching for The Gold of the Lost Dutchman Mine in Superstition Mountain dhwty73 months 1 week ago
Article5000-Year-Old Papua New Guinea Artifacts Rewrite Neolithic History ashley cowie13 months 1 week ago
ArticleThe Shroud of Turin: Jesus' Bloodstained Burial Cloth or a Fascinating Forgery? lizleafloor1785 months 2 days ago
ArticleGenes of 92 prehistoric Native Americans give further evidence of a terrible holocaust ancient-origins615 months 4 weeks ago
ArticleThe Truth About Father Crespi and His Missing Artifacts Finally Revealed Joanna Gillan506 months 2 hours ago
ArticleAncient Race of White Giants Described in Native Legends From Many Tribes ancient-origins466 months 6 days ago
ArticleSpanish Leak Reveals Hidden Chamber in Tutankhamun Tomb is Full of Treasures aprilholloway1310 months 1 week ago
ArticleElongated Skulls and Indecipherable Language: What Does the Mysterious Starving of Saqqara Sculpture Mean? dhwty312 months 17 hours ago
ArticleNew DNA Testing on 2,000-Year-Old Elongated Paracas Skulls Changes Known History aprilholloway501 year 3 weeks ago
ArticleMessage from Outer Space? The Mysterious Indecipherable Script of the Inga Stone Kristen C171 year 1 month ago
ArticleThe Relic of Bir Hooker & The Giants of the Past - Part 2 annemieke421 year 1 month ago
ArticleNew study leaves little room for doubt – Neanderthals and humans interbred aprilholloway91 year 2 months ago
ArticleDeciphering Cuneiform to Get a Handle on Life in Ancient Mesopotamia dhwty21 year 2 months ago
ArticleEvidence Accumulates for Ancient Transoceanic Voyages, Says Geographer ancient-origins81 year 5 months ago
ArticleBloody Mary: The Marriage, Reign, and Death of a Queen of England ancient-origins31 year 5 months ago
ArticleIs Bigfoot Real? Emerging Scientific Evidence Mitchel Townsend201 year 5 months ago
ArticleProfessor Cabrera’s Cabinet of Horrors: Secret Chambers and Shocking Artifacts with Controversial Origins WalterJoergLangbein191 year 7 months ago
ArticleDid a Native American travel with the Vikings and arrive in Iceland centuries before Columbus set sail? dhwty181 year 11 months ago
ArticleThe Statues and Symbolic Gestures that Link Ancient Göbekli Tepe, Easter Island, and Other Sites Around the World Ozgur122 years 2 weeks ago
ArticleThe Guilt of the Gnostic Knights Templar: The Chinon Parchment MarkPinkham242 years 1 month ago


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