Ancient Origins Tours

The Splendours of Ancient Anatolia and Turkey - Oct 2023

Ancient Origins' Dr Alistair Coombs reveals the histories and mysteries of Turkey and ancient Anatolia on this exclusive tour. From sublime views on the summit of Mount Nemrut, to the unique underground cities of Cappadocia, and of course a journey through Göbekli Tepe, this trip will provide you with amazing experiences!

Unveiling Ancient Treasures: Epic Iraq Tour - Oct 2024

Embark on an archaeological journey through Iraq's ancient civilizations. Featuring the Sumerian cities of Eridu and Uruk with their ziggurats and cuneiform writing, Karbala's Al-Ukhaider Fortress and Babylon, as well as the ruins of Nineveh, Nimrud, and Khorsabad, this tour provides a deeper understanding of Iraq's rich history

Inner mysteries of Egypt and the Nile - October 2023

Delight in this 14-night/15-day luxury tour of Egypt visiting Giza, Cairo, Saqqara, Luxor, El-Fayyum Oasis, Karnak, Edfu, Abydos, Dendera, Kom Ombo, the Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel, and many more outstanding destinations in the land of the pharaohs! Enjoy unique special access to the enigmatic Sphinx monument and Great Pyramid during private visits.