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Ancient Origins in the Media

Ancient Origins

As Ancient Origins has expanded to become the number 1 ranked ancient history website in the world, the media has begun to take a keen interest into what Ancient Origins has to say about a range of fascinating subjects, from Satanism to Solar Worship!

Incas in this Russian

Co founder Dr Ioannis Syrigos was interviewed on the Incas in this Russian documentary for the popular REN TV channel. Watch.

The Times

The Times has reported on Google's censorship of Ancient Origins, including their demand that we remove all images of mummies, skeletons and naked Roman statues! Read.

The Irish Times

Joanna Gillan was interviewed by the Irish Times about the founding and running of Ancient Origins. Read.


London newspaper CityA.M. writes a story about the founding, operations and adventures of Ancient Origins. Read.

The Times

Joanna Gillan was interviewed by The Times about the ancient origins of Christmas traditions. Read.


Joanna Gillan talks to Newstalk radio on the Hard Shoulders program with Richard Chambersn about solar worship in Ireland.

RTE’s Today show

RTE’s Today show

Joanna Gillan on RTE’s Today show talks about Ancient Origins and our adventures. Watch.

Irish Examiner

Irish Examiner writes about the founders Joanna Gillan and Ioannis Syrigos and the story behind Ancient Origins. Read.

Focus on Women magazine

Focus on Women magazine writes about Joanna and how she converted her passion to a business. Read.

Midnight in the Desert

12/9/2018: Joanna talks on Midnight in the Desert about Mohenjo Daro.

3/10/2018: Ioannis talks on Midnight in the Desert about Father Crespi and the Tayos caves.

27/11/2018: Joanna talks on Midnight in the Desert about Satanism.

Kildare FM

Joanna talks on Kildare FM about why people are becoming more interested in Ancient History. Listen.

Ireland AM


Joanna talks on the Ireland AM Breakfast Show about the history of Halloween. 

Unconventional Life

Joanna talks to Unconventional Life about her and Ioannis’ successful path with Ancient Origins. Listen.