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Our Mobile App is now available

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The Ancient Origins App is all new and better than ever! You can download the app for  free!

The new app provides a far better user experience and lots of great features for all those who access our site via a tablet or mobile device.

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Download here!

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Download here!

NEED SUPPORT? Get in touch at: [email protected]

Experience history, mystery, and science at your fingertips

Users will enjoy:

A brand-new experience with redesigned, easy-to-use interface

Works with mobile and tablet devices

Enjoy new articles every day

Full and Free access to the content of Ancient Origins

Menu groups similar stories together so you can easily return to sections that interest you

International coverage of current events and cultural stories

Search functionality for our library of 12,000+ published articles

Share articles through your favorite sharing platform

Bookmark/save articles for later reading

Additional features for Premium Members:

Access main Ancient Origins content with no ads directly through the app

Access exclusive Premium content within the app

Long reads; in-depth articles that reach into the heart of fascinating topics

Search for articles in both the main and Premium sites

Directly download and read your Premium eBooks through the app

Watch exclusive On-Demand Webinars through the app

Watch exclusive Expert Interviews through the app

Comment directly on articles

Feedback? Suggestions? Issues? Please contact our support team at [email protected]. We’ll do our best to assist you. Your feedback is important to us



Birdog's picture

As a new member I am not sure how the old site acted long ago but when I did access it there seemed to be a smoothness to it. I also realize all new apps have a period where bugs must be worked out. Thus I have refrained from comment until invited.
It seems the site is slower now and buffering quite a bit. When an article is selected it does a short reverse buffer then does a long buffer clockwise. The tab itself flickers and then when you select read on one page the articles jump about a bit and then settle but the tab itself continues to flicker and buffer. The tab continues to buffer and flicker even after the article displays on one page. I have tried access on two different computers in two seperate location which have differing net service providers with the same results. Also when you go to correct errors in this message box sometime deletions are duplicated. Also having trouble signing in I think due to a long time waiting for the system to complete its loading. If I wait a minute or two before hitting the tab for entering my name and password it seems to work ok. Just too slow all the way around. I have been going to the home page from the net to read most articles instead of accessing from the new app because it is easier to use. Squirt some oil on the new app please.

as for me, I preferred the old site, before restructuring. Now it seems to much on one page, confusing..
but then,may be it is better for others.. using various apps.. so, go ahead with you think,feel is best.
Obviously you put a lot of work into improvements -though some friends may not see improvements as such. Most important is the content!! best wishes, christel

Justin Sias's picture

Any progress on the iPad app? I have an iPad 4 and now a Pro as well. Would love to have an Ancient Origins app!

You can actually use the Android app with no issues onAmazon fire. Using it myself for this post... App or site FYI.

ancient-origins's picture

Hi Steve. No there is not an app for Kindle Fire yet. However since there is for Android, maybe the app works for Kindle Fire too??



ancient-origins's picture


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