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Kevin Engle is an independent scholar, a student of California history and an occasional journalist. He is an honors student pursuing a B.A. with emphasis on narratives of the Native People, the Spanish Californios, as well as the Asian Immigrants of California. These diverse cultures greatly influenced events leading up to California’s statehood and the Grand Victorian Era which followed. As California came into the Union of the United States, the integral contributions of various cultural minorities played a vital role in the creation of the Republic of California. Long overdue recognition of minorities is currently being woven into the narrative of mainstream academia in America. Mr. Engle seeks to embellish California’s historic record and shed light on the unheralded minority narrative as well as the Euroamerican emigrant experience during the California Gold Rush Era. 

Mr. Engle was a trustee of the Lake County Historical Society (LCHS) for a decade. He has recently taken on the role of digitization chairmen for the LCHS in order to develop digital collections for use by future generations of local researchers. Kevin has been published in the Lake County Historical Society periodical, local newspapers, and a few websites. He has worked with the Lake County Museum system conducting interviews with local pioneer families, and continues to record and publish the stories passed down by way of indigenous and pioneer oral tradition. Kevin occasionally appears as a guest host on 88.1-KPFZ Radio in Lakeport, California and T.V. 8; a local community-based television station. His topics focus mainly on historic events and their effects on current issues.


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