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Stonehenge, Ancient Petroglyphs and Crop Circles

The Mystery of Stonehenge, Ancient Petroglyphs and Crop Circles


There are many theories about the origins and functions of Stonehenge. Only through exploring the significance of the electromagnetic universe do we begin to understand the implications of this great stone megalith. Revelations have appeared via another great mystery, crop circles but in a formation so obtuse it was largely bypassed.

In 2009 at Manton, Wiltshire, UK, a stand alone pattern appeared. A peculiar stark design, it attracted little in the way of analysis going largely unexplored.

Crop CirclesHowever it is a major key to much crop circle imagery and meaning; that Earth life is affected and effected through cosmic electromagnetic fields.

Curious “abstract” images carved pan globally on stones by our Neolithic ancestors,  of a “Squatting Man,” appear from Arizona, Armenia, Guiana, New Mexico, Spain, Tyrol, The Middle East, Italy, Venezuela and further.  The Squatting Man or derivatives of it appear in practically every culture on Earth, from Mayan, Hopi, Celtic, Vedic, Dogon, San (Southern African bushman) Mediterranean, Polynesian, he is present everywhere in many disguises. Compare the likenesses of Manton 2009 with the Squatting Man petroglyph,  and a laboratory plasma below. Manton 2009 is a schematic of both plasma and rock images.

Why did our ancestors record the Squatting Man? Why has he reappeared in a crop circle?

After exhaustive research, plasma scientist Anthony Perrat of Los Alamos Labs, New Mexico, realised the ancients had witnessed a devastating cosmic event; a plasma storm on a massive scale. This kind of storm, a plasma instability, occurs when gasses can no longer hold their electric charge and collapse, creating a variety of charged shapes and forms. Electrified gas is plasma. The Squatting Man was a column of plasma with several stacked toruses which would have rotated, wavered and warped upwards and down as its charge disseminated. As a mega multi ampere event, it would have been terrifying, magnificent, deadly and beautiful since it exuded gamma radiation. Until Peratt’s discovery the Squatting Man image has been described as a fertility or hunting symbol but the truth is far more compelling. Plasma can be scaled down; what the ancients saw was recreated. in the lab.

Even more remarkable was the discovery that plasmas creates symmetries. Some plasma columns in cross section have 56/28 fold symmetries.  Trained on a metal plate in the lab a familiar imprint formed; the exact same symmetry seen in stone megaliths, the most renowned of course being Stonehenge.  The 56 Aubrey Holes or chalk pits of Stonehenge mark the imprint of a specific plasma column, a cosmic chord of energy or “fohat” as described by ancient Tibetans, meaning the vital cosmic force.

In Vedic literature, the Sanskrit word “sutratma” literally means “thread soul” or that which binds all things together. It is “he who pervades all.” The sutratma is the chord which  conveys the vital force or prana into a body. Earth was injected by a massive plasma sutratma. The immense flow must have travelled from Stonehenge around the globe via telluric pathways.

The stone circle of Avebury shows a similar energetic imprint of a plasma column cross section which is also represented perfectly in the “Owl” crop circle of Woodborough hill 2009.  Similar features appear at Chankillo, Peru, and in Australian aboriginal rock art.

The Australian Aboriginal image of WandijnaWandijna: Aboriginal sacred creator

The Australian Aboriginal image of Wandijna, describes a power source. “Kimberley people believe that the Wandjina undertook creative journeys which left the land and all living matter in its present form.”

The Squatting Man and Owl crop circles represent electromagnetic phenomena. Many other crop glyphs indicate electromagnetic fields as ordering phenomena on Earth. Comparisons of crop circle details and electromagnetic conduction at sub atomic level reveal the same patterns. These patterns are found throughout nature as are the substances to conduct them such as the iron in blood and the iron core of Earth. The Squatting Man plasma event of the Neolithic age may have created a specific magnetic field for Earth and its life cargo to remain magnetised and therefore receptive to cosmic influence in the future.

Many crop circle patterns show the hexagonal geometry of carbon, the scaffold of Earth life. Research from Lawrence Berkley Lab’s Advanced Light Source and the Experimental Physics Institute of Leipzig have shown carbon can be permanently magnetized at room temperature via application of a beam of photons. Since a photon is just a unit of light or electromagnetic emanation, celestial events such as plasma columns or “lightning of the gods” impacting Earth will be conducted from the macrocosm to the microcosm in perfect tandem with the nature of the receiver. Work by Russian  scientists Gariaev and Poponin showed DNA is a conductor and storer of light. Our own bodies contain a spiral flow system of essential electricity or kundalini, the “shushumna.”  This energy flows from the highest corresponding location in the pineal gland to the cell. On a celestial scale this “lightning” is dramatic! We are designed to receive it.

Plasma Images and WeaponsUniversal mythology abounds with gods who bore weapons of thunder and lightning from above; Indra, Marduk, Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, Perun, Aplu, Lei Gong, Tialoc, Chaac, Set, Sango, Mamaragan are a few. Indra’s weapon, the Vajra or thunderbolt has a specific shape which is also seen in the lab as a stage of a plasma instability.

The top two images are cross sections of lab created plasma and below are various styles of Vajra or thunderbolt weapons seen in ancient art/sculpture.

As the plasma fades it also reveals the chalice shape or Holy Grail. A symbol of vast importance.

Is it possible the Manton Squatting Man crop formation is both telling us something about our evolutionary story? That another Squatting Man may return? There is another sutratma to come? The signs continue to appear.

The beautiful serpentine formation of West Woodhaye, Wilts, UK in 2011  shows us the Herbig Haro object 111 in Orion, a constellation deeply significant in ancient Egyptian cosmology and religion. The plasma jet in this object is twelve light years long. The constellation of Orion is where ancient Egyptians held rebirth and afterlife occurred. Why has the image of a serpentine plasma jet appeared to us now, at the time when scientists

are able to create scaled versions of cosmic events? Is it reminding us of the fundamental cosmic force, celestial kundalini which returns at the passing of great epochs to enliven the planet and its inhabitants?

(Left Image: centre West Woodhaye 2011

(Right Image:

By G. J. Leale

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Megaliths are antennae. Duh. The mind is a tuner. It is tuned by intent, or will. What is tuned-in is the energy of creation. Every tradition refers to this energy (except scientific materialism, the cancerous bane of our current moneygrubbing epoch). The stones are a technology. They are amplifiers and antennae. The humans gather together near them, join together with a focused intent, normally lead by a priest and normally involving something rhythmic like dancing or chanting or singing, and they manifest, they bring things into existence, with that focused intent and with the help of the stones. The stones, the earth, and the humans form a circuit. They become part of the cosmic machinery of creation. Manifestation, bringing things, situations, relationships, patterns, into existence, changing the energy of potential, what "could be" into actuality, what "is" is the secret of every culture, of every secret society. there are a wide variety of techniques, of metaphors, of systems, but they all point to the same thing. we ignore this at our peril. our "leaders" are deathly afraid that we will remember this and break away from their control. this is the only worthwhile path forward, remembering this.

Indeed! I'm a huge fan of Thunderbolts and follow their work assiduously! Was Thornhill actually lectured in Devizes some years ago at a UFO conference! All good stuff!

Came across these folks about five years ago. Most interesting idea I have ever found.

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G. J. Leale

G.J Leale began her study of crop circle symbols in the 1980s. She studied yoga Vedanta in America, taught yoga in London, began her Theosophical studies at Adyar, India, studied symbolism and Astrology in London, has written and... Read More

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