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Dr John Hill gained a PhD in Archaeology from the University of Liverpool in England, where he has been a tutor in Archaeology for the Continuing Education Faculty for over a decade. He is also a consultant to Primary Schools across the Merseyside region, supporting the teaching of KS2 Stone Age to Iron Age to Year 3 pupils.

He has written and published two books; Design your own Stonehenge using the Occam’s Razor Solution and The Recumbent Stone Circles of Aberdeenshire: Archaeology, Design, Astronomy and Methods, available from Cambridge Scholars Publications  here.

To help any interested schools, colleges and universities, he has prepared free educational packs to enable such groups to perform their own experiments at the Recumbent Stone Circles (RSCs).  Furthermore, he is visiting Aberdeenshire this August and will gladly present free, guided tours to any interested parties at the Loanhead of Daviot RSC on Tuesday 3rd August; at Tomnaverie RSC on Saturday 7th August and at the  Easter Aquhorthies RSC on Saturday 10th August. Each event will commence from 13.00 onwards and will involve demonstrations of experimental archaeology with measured ropes. All, of course, subject to Covid restrictions being lifted by then. 

You can make contact and find out more information about these events via his email:  [email protected]


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