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Robbie Mitchell

I’m a graduate of History and Literature from The University of Manchester in England and a total history geek. Since a young age, I’ve been obsessed with history. The weirder the better. I spend my days working as a freelance writer researching the weird and wonderful. I firmly believe that history should be both fun and accessible.


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AI close-up portrait of Dracula baring his sharp fangs, with a predatory glare in a dark room.		Source: EOL STUDIOS

Bloodsuckers Through the Ages - A History of Vampires (Video)

Vampire lore , originating from Eastern European folklore, has fascinated and terrified people for centuries, with various creatures haunting the imaginations of different cultures worldwide. Among...
AI image of early human migration. Source: AI Generated

When Ancient Humans Took Over the World (Video)

The global expansion of Homo sapiens , originating in Africa approximately 300,000 to 350,000 years ago, underscores the species' remarkable adaptability. With a behavioral flexibility that allows...
AI image of a bustling ancient Greek agora, filled with passionate philosophers engaged in intense debates, surrounded by exquisite marble statues. Source: stocker/Adobe Stock

Seven Fascinating Things about Greek History (Video)

In the annals of history, Greek civilization stands as a beacon of innovation and intrigue. Delving beyond the well-trodden paths of mythology and philosophy, we uncover seven captivating facets of...
AI image of the three ships of Christopher Columbus: Santa Maria, Niña, and Pinta. Source: Charles/Adobe Stock

The History of Shipbuilding As We Know It

From the humble vessels of ancient civilizations navigating coastal waters to the majestic seafaring giants of the modern era exploring the farthest reaches of the oceans, shipbuilding has been an...
AI image of Knights Templar marching to concord enemy. Source: vukkostic/Adobe Stock

The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar (Video)

In November 1095, Pope Urban issues a call to arms for Christians to reclaim the Holy Land from Muslim control, igniting the First Crusade . Over 100,000 individuals, including nobility and even...
Adam and Eve illustration.  Source: Mariephotos/Adobe Stock

The Two People We're All Related To (Video)

Embedded within each individual lies the potential to unlock the profound saga of their ancient lineage . Mitochondria, inherited solely from the maternal line, and the Y chromosome, passed down...
AI representation of a Neanderthal couple wearing fur. Source: Ricky/Adobe Stock

Is Interbreeding Why Neanderthals and Denisovans Vanished? (Video)

A groundbreaking scientific discovery sheds light on the disappearance of Neanderthals and Denisovans , ancient human populations that once roamed Eurasia. Through an examination of their blood types...
Close up of the statue of Carcalla at The Casa del Labrador in Aranjuez, Spain. Source: Manel/ CC BY-ND 2.0

Emperor Caracalla: Was He as Bad as Everyone Says?

History remembers Caracalla, who reigned over Rome from 198 to 217 AD as one of the empire’s most despotic rulers. He started his reign by killing his brother and massacring his followers before...
Habsburg family portrait by Martin van Meytens, 1764.        Source: Public Domain

The Rise and Fall of the Habsburg Empire (Video)

The Habsburg Empire , a dynasty spanning nearly 600 years, wielded vast influence over central and Eastern Europe. Unlike other monarchies, the Habsburgs were a family lineage rather than a single...
The three musketeers in Condom, France. Source: Migeli Barrios/Adobe Stock

Who Were the Three Musketeers Based On? (Video)

The Three Musketeers, immortalized in Alexandre Dumas' classic, are deeply rooted in the tumultuous political landscape of 17th-century France. Musketeers, originally armed with muskets but often...
Corn Husk Dolls. Source: Betty Sederquist/Adobe Stock

More Than Toys: The Five Oldest Dolls in History (Video)

Dolls are more than just toys, they can be artifacts of ancient civilizations, offering profound insights into the lives and beliefs of bygone eras. Among the oldest are Roman dolls , meticulously...
impression of Bar Kokhba by Polish-Jewish artist Arthur Szyk Source: Arthur Szyk/CC BY-SA 4.0

Judaic Devastation: The Bar Kokhba Revolt’s Tragic Legacy (Video)

The Bar Kokhba Revolt of 132 AD had profound and enduring effects on Jews and Judaism. Firstly, it led to the shattering of Judaic society, with devastating consequences for Jewish communities. The...
AI image of Scythian Nimrod the King of kings on a white warhorse, shooting an arrow. Source: John/Adobe Stock

Horse Lords: A Brief History of the Scythians (Video)

The Scythians , a confederation of nomadic tribes , flourished across the Eurasian steppe from around 900 BC to 200 BC. Initially discovered by Russian explorers venturing into the remote landscapes...
A Family of Carib natives drawn from life, by Agostino Brunias. Source: Public Domain

Dark Secret of the First Native Americans to Meet Columbus (Video)

In October 1492, Christopher Columbus's encounter with the Arawak-speaking natives marked a pivotal moment in history, unveiling a complex narrative of migration and cultural exchange in the...
An illustration of William Captain Kidd relaxing on the deck. Source: Public Domain

Bizarre Pirate Traditions Most People Don't Know About (Video)

Pirate culture , often portrayed as a romanticized tale of swashbuckling adventure, actually harbored numerous peculiar traditions. These customs, largely overlooked in popular depictions, reveal a...
A tribe of human ancestors, Homo erectus, wanders through the savannah past mammoth skeletons. Source: ratpack223/Adobe Stock)

The Risky Paleo Diets of Our Ancestors (Video)

The excavation of KNM-ER 1808, a Homo erectus specimen, in Kenya unearthed insights into the perilous dietary choices of our ancestors. The skeletal analysis revealed intriguing anomalies, such as...