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The arrested protestors who sprayed Stonehenge Orange

Two People Arrested for Vandalizing Stonehenge with Orange Paint

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In the middle of the day of Wednesday, June 19, a group of Just Stop Oil protestors sprayed several stones of the ancient Stonehenge monument with orange paint. Video footage has been captured showing the two individuals in question wearing Just Stop Oil shirts while running up to the monoliths with the canisters of paint, spraying the stone. To stop the two vandals from defacing the stones, members of the public were seen intervening. These videos can be found on social media.

The Just Stop protestors have been identified as Niamh Lynch, a 21-year-old Oxford student and Rajan Naidu, a 73-year-old from Birmingham; both of which have been arrested by police for damaging the protected ancient monument.

Sharing the video, the Just Stop Oil group posted on X demanding:

“…the incoming government sign up to a legally binding treaty to phase out fossil fuels by 2030.”

This same group has stirred up headlines last month when protestors smashed the glass protecting the 13th century manuscript, the Magna Carta, in the British Museum in London.

Screenshot of video showing vandals spray painting Stonehenge

Screenshot of video showing vandals spray painting Stonehenge. Courtesy of The Associated Press

Located near Salisbury, England, the stone circle dates to the late Neolithic period circa 2500 BC. The primary function of the World Heritage Site is still not entirely understood. We can only speculate its purpose, although, many theories have been suggested. One thing is for certain, the sun rises over the Heel Stone on the longest day of the year (i.e., the Summer Solstice) and sets over it on the shortest day (i.e., the Winter Solstice). This suggests that the prehistoric structure was built to align with the movement of the sun.


Stonehenge. (garethwiscombe / CC BY-SA 2.0)

It is believed that Stonehenge started as a burial ground in its earliest beginning, with deposits containing human bones dating to as early as 3000 BC. While initial work of the henge began about 3100 BC, it would continue to be built in stages over many years and as mentioned earlier, with the large sarsen stones being placed sometime around 2500 BC. Another detail not well known is exactly how the stones were brought to the site; some of which—the bluestones—traveled from southwest Wales over 150 miles (250km) away.

Stonehenge stands as the most famous landmark of the United Kingdom. And while this act of vandalism may have slowed things down for the day, the site remains open. And in anticipation of tourists gathering on Thursday for the longest day of the year, the site manager, the English Heritage, has now published “conditions of entry.”

Top image: The arrested protestors who sprayed Stonehenge Orange. Source: Courtesy of CNN.

By Petros Koutoupis



A 21-year-old ‘Oxford student’ should have been socially educated well enough and a 71-year old should have lived long enough to know how to behave properly, not like infants throwing things around if they’re not getting enough attention or are unhappy with Something.

Stonehedge is located quite a distance out in the country. Did they walk there, or take a bus, car, or maybe a motorcycle?




Where did I say I agreed with the protesters actions? As it happens I don't, I think it's silly and counterproductive and they should restrict their protests to the oil companies and the corrupt politicians who enable their destruction of the environment (and I really wouldn't care if you threw non-toxic nursery school powder paint paint over my bike).
I was
a) correcting the false reporting of "spray paint" being used. The people doing these things deliberately don't use that, just as when they throw (eg) tomato soup at paintings they know the paintings are behind protective glass, and b) laughing at the OP for their over the top nonsense.
"the most disgusting example of entitlement I've ever seen".
REALLY? Worse than carving your name on the Colliseum? Worse than building leaky oil pipelines across pristine tundra so you can make a profit?
"The few do not have the right to hold the rest of humanity hostage to their beliefs"
Quite right. Now apply the same feelings to those who are not just holding humanity hostage but causing damage to this planet that will take thousands of years to repair and cause the extinction of many species.

Finally: why do you keep recommending your own posts?


I agree with you, Fringehead. And you absolutely ought to set a precedent here. Offer up the thing you treasure most and we’ll all bob round your gaff and spray it with who knows what for shizz and giggles. Just name a time and place. I’m sure you’re more than ‘up for it’. 


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Petros Koutoupis

Petros Koutoupis is an author and an independent historical researcher, focusing predominantly on the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age periods of the Eastern Mediterranean and general Near East. Fluent in modern Greek, Petros has additional knowledge in languages that... Read More

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