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The Babel Texts

Just thought I’d start a discussion on the Babel Texts….the original world language.

In this forum we can discuss the links between mathematics; astronomy; archaic texts and stories; and ancient map making.


I think the most important

I think the most important feature of this archaic language is it links everything together.

It explains small artefacts and features that previous researchers could not explain. For example why are stone circles not perfect circles.

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author of:
The Map that Talked - How astronomy was used to map the ancient world
The Babel Texts - Decoding the early text of the Stone Age
Scotland and Shakespeare's Third Prophecy - Recovering Scotland's Forgotten past

Wow. Blown away!

Unbelievable scholarship. I mean that in a very good way. The question becomes: how reliable is the chronology of "conventional science" used to date these artifacts? "Ish(o) Ishe (Venus"...that is Istar, aka "Ishta Devi" the "star of David: Venus. And "NiNu” (Saturn) can only be Ninurta, the "God of War."

But the conventional chronology..can it be trusted? I do not think so, I think the "God of Time" altered rewriting stolen scrolls/manuscripts from conquered lands. He called himself by many names. "Elu/Ilu/Lu" aka Chronus. Lu, the blind priest of CM 48, accused of "rewriting the ancient wisdoms and committing blasphemy" by the "Sumerian" priests (Kalam, there was no place ever called "Sumeria.") Those are but a few of his aliases. Anyway, GREAT WORK DEREK!

An aside

Derek, my research has revealed a most “curious coincidence” regarding the person I believe “altered time”: every one of the aliases he uses? Each of these characters has a period of 12 or 13 “missing years” in his biography. Why is that? I think because he had to hide away and recuperate from being blinded and castrated. I believe the evidence shows he had a few remote hideaways, like in today’s southern Myanmar, in the “golden triangle” region of today’s Laos, Myanmar and Thailand (because he was in great pain and used the opium to deaden the suffering) and Australia...among a few others. I discovered last year the cave drawings (on border of Thailand and Laos) of him that match exactly cave drawing in Egypt and Luristan, Iran.

I think the state of Illinois is named after him (Noi/Nois=Little...”Little Ili”) and I am quite sure he usurped identity of the mythical gods “Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma” of the Hindu and I can give a good example here: Wiscon is a regional version of Vishnu in Myanmar, (Phitsanu in Thailand), and Sin is the Mesopotamian “Moon” god. It is stated by archaeologists that the ancient copper miners of upper peninsula Michigan “wintered below the snow line” in Wisconsin. This mining has been dated back to 5000 B.C. Vishnu/Wiscon is the Sun...Sol. Sin is the Moon...Mon. SolMon and a mine. Now, a “Gani” is a “mischievious helper of Shiva.” An Egyptian “Mes” is a Smithie. Mes is pronounced “Mesh.” So, a “MeshGani” would be a miner/smithie. Michigan. Wait, it gets better: I believe a “Gani” is a version of a “Cain”...also a metalworker. Now, in S. America, they found golden turtles made by the “Moche.” The Inca (Cain, an anagram) are the decendents of what tribe? The Moche. MocheInca...Michigan. Miners…metalworkers.

I do not have your level of scholarship...but “I know a little.” And I know some very devious characters have created a lot of misleading “history” by altering texts/scrolls and manuscripts of old. Can prove it.

Have you read about “Mesanak” in Afghanistan? The mountain of copper? The dates and the statues made by the Buddhist monks give it all away. I see Mesanak as “Smithie Naga/Naka”...the “fire-breathing dragon in the mountain”: a forge.

I think Tolkien KNEW.

The “Invasion of the Sea People?” That occured right after mining in Michigan came to a complete stop. And Egyptian drawing show the invaders wearing headresses of feathers. One of the tribes of these 1200 BC (allegedly) invaders of Egypt? The “MeshWesh.” Michigan/Wisconsin?

Noah? Real. “Lucifer”: a real king. Garuda? His grandson. the “Anu” (Nua, the Chinese Noah) and his Naki/Naka/Naga princely sons? Very real...and the “Fallen one” is the one that rewrote history, was a navigator, and committed patricide.

”Angels” were the princely sons of “The Lord”: the main king, top dog. They wore wings sown to their cloaks. Literally. Deciphering myth and finding the reality behind it: my forte.

But now your revelations? I have much to absorb, thank you so much! So a “tidbit” for the readers and you here: Garuda (accepted alternate spelling is Garude) was a king of Egypt. Buried with the mummies of two birds...One of his royal titles has “Garude” in it...He is either the brother, father or son of the character that altered records.


What the Babel Text is

What the Babel Text is revealing (more than anything) is the ancient myths are linked….

The link is driectly connected to astronomy, and how Stone Age people used the stars for navigation.

The eternal problem many faced when trying to intepret these old stories is the context was lost.

In “The Map That Talked” many of these overlaps were noted and then explained using a map that is based on the Babel Text.

Now I did not quite follow your argument, but stronomy is linked to the measurement of time…...and time was then used by navigators to identify location. Then locations were used to create maps. 

This connection then permits the ancient geoemtric texts to be translated, and the location of ancient archaeological sites to be determined.

…..Now, looking at this from a scientific viewpoint. If the text can then make an important prediction and the prediction turns out to be successful  then we can say the model is solid. 

Currently The Babel Text identifies the location of Atlantis as being in the Gulf of Tonkin.

The text even specifically identifies the latitude and longitude where the City should be.

and the location matches Plato’s description……

So I would be interested to see what is in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author of:
The Map that Talked - How astronomy was used to map the ancient world
The Babel Texts - Decoding the early text of the Stone Age
Scotland and Shakespeare's Third Prophecy - Recovering Scotland's Forgotten past

As far as I know, ancient

As far as I know, ancient texts and stories often contain references to astronomical phenomena and mathematical concepts, providing evidence of the importance of these topics in ancient cultures. Myths, legends, and religious texts often include astronomical symbolism and mathematical symbolism.

Ancient mapmaking further demonstrates the interconnectedness of mathematics, astronomy, and ancient texts. Maps from ancient times reveal an integration of astronomical observations and geographical knowledge, often depicting terrestrial features as well as celestial bodies. These maps not only served practical purposes of navigation and exploration but also had cultural and religious significance.
From ancient texts and stories we come to know about many things of earlier times like lanuage, texts are informative for us.

    The connections between mathematics, astronomy, ancient texts and stories, and ancient mapmaking highlight the sophisticated knowledge and intellectual achievements of ancient civilizations.