Ancient Race of White Giants Described in Native Legends From Many Tribes

Ancient Race of White Giants Described in Native Legends From Many Tribes


By Tara MacIsaac Epoch Times  

Several Native American tribes have passed down legends of a race of white giants who were wiped out. We’ll take a look at a few such legends, including those among the Choctaw and the Comanches of the United States down to the Manta of Peru. 


Horatio Bardwell Cushman wrote in his 1899 book “History of the Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Natchez Indians”: “The tradition of the Choctaws . . . told of a race of giants that once inhabited the now State of Tennessee, and with whom their ancestors fought when they arrived in Mississippi in their migration from the west. … Their tradition states the Nahullo (race of giants) was of wonderful stature.”

A Choctaw stick-ball player, depicted by George Catlin in 1834.

A Choctaw stick-ball player, depicted by George Catlin in 1834. (Public Domain)

Cushman said “Nahullo” came to be used to describe all white people, but it originally referred specifically to a giant white race with whom the Choctaw came into contact when they first crossed the Mississippi River. The Nahullo were said to be cannibals whom the Choctaw killed whenever the opportunity arose.


Chief Rolling Thunder of the Comanches, a tribe from the Great Plains, gave the following account of an ancient race of white giants in 1857: “Innumerable moons ago, a race of white men, 10 feet high, and far more rich and powerful than any white people now living, here inhabited a large range of country, extending from the rising to the setting sun. Their fortifications crowned the summits of the mountains, protecting their populous cities situated in the intervening valleys.



 “They excelled every other nation which was flourished, either before or since, in all manner of cunning handicraft—were brave and warlike—ruling over the land they had wrested from its ancient possessors with a high and haughty hand. Compared with them the palefaces of the present day were pygmies, in both art and arms. …”

The chief explained that when this race forgot justice and mercy and became too proud, the Great Spirit wiped it out and all that was left of their society were the mounds still visible on the tablelands. This account was  documented by Dr. Donald “Panther” Yates , a researcher and author of books on Native American history, on his blog.


Yates also writes of the Starnake people of Navajo legend, describing them as: “A regal race of white giants endowed with mining technology who dominated the West, enslaved lesser tribes, and had strongholds all through the Americas. They were either extinguished or ‘went back to the heavens.'”


In 1553, Pedro Cieza de León  wrote in “Chronicle of Peru”  about legendary giants described to him by the Manta indigenous people: “There are, however, reports concerning giants in Peru, who landed on the coast at the point of Santa Elena. … The natives relate the following tradition, which had been received from their ancestors from very remote times.

 “There arrived on the coast, in boats made of reeds, as big as large ships, a party of men of such size that, from the knee downwards, their height was as great as the entire height of an ordinary man, though he might be of good stature. Their limbs were all in proportion to the deformed size of their bodies, and it was a monstrous thing to see their heads, with hair reaching to the shoulders. Their eyes were as large as small plates.”

León said that the sexual habits of the giants were revolting to the Natives and heaven eventually wiped out the giants because of those habits.


The Paiutes are said to have an oral tradition that told of red-haired, white, cannibals about 10 feet tall who lived in or near what is now known as Lovelock Cave in Nevada. It is unclear whether this “oral tradition” about the so-called Sitecah giants existed or if it was an exaggeration or distortion of their legends made after the Paiutes were mostly killed or dispersed in 1833 by an expedition by explorer Joseph Walker.

Brian Dunning of Skeptoid explored  Paiutes legends and found no mention of the Sitecah being giants. It seems there was, however, a people who practiced cannibalism and who lived in Lovelock Cave. Human remains have been found there, and a few of the human bones had the marrow removed, suggesting the marrow was eaten. Cannibalism seems to have been a rare practice among these peoples, however.

The remains do have red hair, but this may be because black hair can turn red with time. 

Lovelock Cave

Lovelock Cave (Bureau of Land Management/Public Domain)

The Humboldt River near Lovelock, Nevada, where the Sitecah people were said to live.

The Humboldt River near Lovelock, Nevada, where the Sitecah people were said to live. ( Famartin/CC BY-SA )

Miners unearthed the artifacts in 1912, leaving them in a pile before eventually contacting the University of California. Anthropologist Llewellyn L. Loud traveled from the university to the site to investigate. It is commonly agreed that excavation of the site was not handled well and certainly not up to modern standards. But some proponents of the Sitecah giants theory say researchers have deliberately covered up any giant remains found there.

Featured image: Navajo Hogan, Monument Valley ( public domain ). Navajo legends speak of the Starnake, a race of white giants.

The article ‘ Ancient Race of White Giants Described in Native Legends From Many Tribes ’ was originally published on The Epoch Times and has been republished with permission.


Hi All,

I was raised on The Bible; so I thought Giant's were only in Canaan you know because of The Bible it never occurred too me they could be all over the World.

I found out from Book of Enoch how they originated in the long run which is why I was younger I rejected Enoch because I thought they were describing The Titan's of the Greek Stories.

Now from what I learned through Enoch; now, I think I understand more so The Book of Numbers and Joshua or small references in Genesis and Exodus too The Valley of The Rephalims.

That's all I have for now with this discussion, I'm sure, I'll have something more too share in a little while. Until, next time however, Everyone, Goodbye!

described seeing them, fight them and/or killing or being killed by them.  Some tribes of giants were larger than others.   Usually whenever giant’s bones were found they would be shipped off to the Smithsonian who then would destroy or dispose of them to preserve their secular narrative.   Giants spanned the globe and esp. North America.  A few museums in Peru have giant mummies and giant cone shaped skulls.   I’m just glad they weren’t naive enough to send them to someplace like they Smithsonian where they would be suppressed and destroyed.  


Because of The Pandemic can't do Bible Study the way; I like so I've been watching Video Bible Study Meetings on ytube it helps me a lot when I know what Subject or Topic I'm interested in studying.

I read the Bible I don't know how many times but I kept missing the part in Genesis chapter 6 referencing too... And They were Giant's in those Days...

Now that I finally read The Bible Book's Enoch I understand Genesis chapter 6 a little more I've got so much to say about this Book but, can't for now I came here too discuss the Pawnees and Buffalo Bill.

That's how I searched for Studies on The Nephilim and came across a Pastor Chuck teaching on The Return of The Nephilim on ytube.

The reason why your post caught my eye is because Pastor Chuck discussed Buffalo Bill Cody encounter with the Pawnee Tribe who shared about The Race of Giant's here in Mesoamerica.

The most astonishing thing I heard in the Bible Meeting; is that The Pawnee Tribe showed Buffalo Bill the bones of these giants the best part of Buffalo Bill's meeting with the Pawnees is that a Surgeon accompanied Bill who examined the remains of those Giant's declaring them human bones.

The Pawnees then told Bill and the Surgeon that the Giants were fast they could over take Buffalo herds and pick up a buffalo hold it under their arm and rip off a leg of a buffalo an eat it.

When I heard that i wondered how big were those Giant's they couldn't have possibly stood at 10 feet tall could they?

Comparing to the Heights of the Buffalo or the Moose and now extinct The Irish Elk now I know why those animals are all extinct. Too be able too pick up a buffalo like that hold it under its arm and rip a leg off and just eat it I am so glad their not still here.

What do you think about all that with The Pawnee Tribe?

That's all I wanted to share I was happy to see your post about The Pawnee Tribe and Cody Buffalo Bill until next time, Goodbye!

Their height and strength were not exagerrated.  They were feared by the early Native Americans because they were cannibals and were powerful.  Numerous native American tribes document meeting cannibalistic, deformed giants.  Even Lincoln referenced a tribe of ancient giants whose dead had been buried near Niagra Falls and had been found when early United States settlers were building cities, bridges or whatever.  Whenever giant bones were found they were sent to the Smithsonian who irresponsibly and criminally disposed of or destroyed them because they were largely secular and giants’ bones confirmed the truth of the Bible.  Buffalo Bill Cody documented hearing ancient stories from the elders of the Pawnee tribes who learned them from their own elders as children.

I am much more sure that these are tales told over camp fires & embellished at every telling until ‘tall’ (likely 6ft or so – still tall for the era) became 10ft tall, etc….happens to most stories retold over generations, and then based on people’s imaginations regarding ‘gods’ & ‘fairies’ & ‘demons’ etc, all of which they used to explain what they could not understand about the world, all became whatever their ‘witch doctors’ decided made a good story – remember they were the power of the clan or tribe, and the more they could scare everybody the more power they had !  Who knows what a lively mind will conjure up when in the grip of a narcotic drug !  I avoid anything that makes my brain go in that direction simply because it is so easy to get shivery over the unknown & your own fears ! Many societies used to scare children with these stories to make them behave out of fear ! Nice !


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