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Nathan Falde graduated from American Public University in 2010 with a Bachelors Degree in History, and has a long-standing fascination with ancient history, historical mysteries, mythology, astronomy and esoteric topics of all types. He is a full-time freelance writer from Wisconsin in the United States. Nathan is an avid reader with a wide variety of interests, which is reflected in his diverse writing portfolio. In addition to his work as a writer, Nathan has spent time teaching English as a second language in Colombia, where he now lives with his wife and son.


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Left; The excavation site at Somma Vesuviana. Credit: Right; Augustus Caesar of Prima Porta statue. 	Source: Left; University of Tokyo Foundation.  Right; Vatican Museums/CC BY-SA 4.0

Villa Where Augustus Died May Have Been Excavated Near Mount Vesuvius

Archaeologists from the University of Tokyo has excavated what may be the remains of the Villa of Augustus, a first-century grand estate that was built near Somma Vesuviana, a town located in the...
Earth structures were being constructed on Tongatapu around AD 300. Source: Phillip Parton/ANU

Oldest City Found on a Pacific Island Was Constructed in 300 AD in Tonga

With the assistance of data obtained in 2011 with advanced laser scanning technology, archaeologists have been able to identify the remains of a 1,700-year-old lost city on the island of Tongatapu in...
Avenue of the dead, Teotihuacan, now thought t have declined due to earthquakes. Source: rafalkubiak/Adobe Stock

New Study Links Decline and Fall of Ancient Teotihuacan to Earthquakes

The reasons for the decline and abandonment of the mighty Mesoamerican city-state of Teotihuacan in the seventh century AD have long remained a mystery. There will always be a degree of speculation...
The Roman bronze plaque measures only 26-28 mm in diameter. Source: Museum Vestsjaelland

Roman Era Bronze Plaque Showing Alexander the Great Found in Denmark

During explorations on the Danish Island of Zealand, a pair of amateur archaeologists unearthed a small but remarkable artifact. While using metal detectors to search for coins or other items at a...
The Roman Sarcophagus found in ancient Diyarbakir is the first ever discovered in the city. Source: DHA / Anatolian Archaeology.

First Ever Roman Sarcophagus Found Amidst Diyarbakir’s Ancient Walls

During excavations in the ancient Turkish city of Diyarbakir, archaeologists made an exciting and unprecedented discovery. While digging in an area between a surveillance tower in the city´s famous...
Representational image of a chief of the Blackfoot people, produced with AI.  Source: cristian / Adobe Stock

Genetic Analysis Bolsters Blackfoot People’s Land Claims

The advancement of DNA collection-and-analysis technology has had significant consequences for anthropology and archaeology, resulting in surprising revelations about genetic connections between...
The Achaemenid circular structure discovered at Tappe Takhcar-Abad	Source: Mohsen Dana et al. / Antiquity

2,500-Year-Old Achaemenid Marvel Excavated in Iran

While excavating in a lightly explored eastern region of their home country, a team of Iranian archaeologists unearthed the remains of a solid circular adobe structure that featured six separate...
Drawing of the grave of the female individual with an artificially modified skull in grave 192 from Havor, Hablingbo parish, Gotland. Source: ©Mirosław Kuźma / Matthias Toplak 2019 / Current Swedish Archaeology

Ancient Trends in Viking Body Modification Revealed in Gotland Burials

The examination of skeletal remains from cemeteries on Sweden's Baltic Sea island of Gotland has revealed evidence of Viking body modification among the Norse people, shedding light on practices...
Not quite like the painting: the reconstructed face of Chinese Emperor Wu using DNA extracted from his remains, and the portrait of Emperor Wudi in the Thirteen Emperors Scroll. Source: Pianpian Wei / Current Biology.

DNA Data Reveals Face of a Chinese Emperor after 1,500 Years

Taking advantage of extraordinary advances in the study of ancient DNA, researchers from Fudan and Xiamen Universities in China completed a detailed facial reconstruction of a Chinese emperor who...
During a survey in the Tunceli province of the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, archaeologists uncovered two fortress settlements and identified two new open-air Urartian temples. Source: Erdoğan, S. ve Çakırca, D./IHA

Two Incredibly Old Rock-Carved Urartian Temples Identified in Turkey

Archaeologists carrying out an ongoing survey in Turkey’s Tunceli province in Eastern Anatolia have discovered two open-air Urartian temples inside two fortresses at settlements that date back to the...
Representational image of jousting horses. Source: Public domain

Jousting Horses Ridden by English Knights Came from Mainland Europe

Jousting was a popular sport among elites in medieval England, as anyone who has ever read a book or watched a movie about English knights in the Middle Ages is well aware. Jousters wore thick armor...
Bringing an Italian Vampire Back to Life (With a Brick in Her Mouth!)

Bringing an Italian Vampire Back to Life (With a Brick in Her Mouth!)

A woman who lived in 16th century Italy was buried in a most unusual fashion. Originally excavated in a mass grave of medieval plague victims several years ago, the woman’s skull was found with a...
Dinosaur tracks in highlight and petroglyphs circled by dashed lines. Source: Troiano, et al., Scientific Reports 2024

Dinosaur Tracks in Brazil Found to Have Petroglyph ‘Companions’

A study of a site in Brazil known for its dinosaur tracks has revealed stunning new details about previously unexamined petroglyphs (rock carvings) that cover the very same set of rock formations as...
Left; Excavation of one of the oldest Neolithic boats ever found, labeled Canoe 5. Right; Canoe Marmotta 1, on display in the Museo delle Cività in Rome. Source: Gibaja et al., 2024 / PLOS ONE / CC-BY 4.0

Earliest Neolithic Boats Found in Mediterranean Date Back to 5,000 BC

Archaeologists and historians from prominent institutions in Spain and Italy have recently published their findings on five ancient dugout canoes retrieved from La Marmotta , an Italian...
Some of the 22 looted, historic items that have been repatriated to Japan	Source: FBI Boston

Treasures Looted from Okinawa During WW II Returned Eight Decades Later

Seeking to correct an 80-year-old injustice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has returned a collection of looted cultural artifacts to the people of Okinawa, Japan. These artifacts were...
Researchers logging an anchor at one of the ten shipwreck sites found off Kasos. Source: Greek Ministry of Culture

Ten Shipwrecks Spanning 5,000 Years of History Spotted off Kasos Island

Underwater archaeologists exploring the sea bottom off the beaches of Greece’s Kasos Island discovered something not entirely unexpected, but still quite surprising. Over the course of four years of...