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Jessica Nadeau

Jessica obtained her Bachelor's of Liberal Studies in Anthropology and Sociology.  During her time in school, she studied ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian archaeology, along with hieroglyphic translation. She has extensively studied the anthropology of witchcraft, magic, and monster lore academically as well.  With a lifetime interest in the mysteries of the ancient world, Jessica enjoys exploring topics of mythology, ritual, tradition, art and ancient architecture. She is also compelled by the connections between modern sociological concepts and the societies of the distant past. In her spare time, Jessica loves to read adventure novels and research her topics of interest.


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The Enduring Mystery of the Lost City of Zerzura and the 20th Century Race to Find its Treasures

The vast expanse of the African desert has long been a source of intrigue and adventure. Ancient historians told legends of curious tribes amidst the merciless landscape and formidable armies...
native American tornado myths

Storm Spirits and the Undead: Native American Tornado Myths and Legends

Each year, the United States has an average of 1,200 tornadoes, making up more than 75% of worldwide occurrences. The Central Great Plains is a unique geographical landscape that produces the perfect...
Mental Illness in Greek Tragedy

The Art of Madness: Mental Illness in Greek Tragedy

The fragility of the human mind has always been subject to fascination. Ancient societies attempted to understand and remedy emotional pain and suffering by looking to the gods, oracles, or through...
AI image of Egyptian goddess, Nephthys.

Nephthys, Egyptian Goddess of the Night and Protectress of the Dead

Perhaps one of the most mysterious and elusive deities of the ancient Egyptian pantheon, Nephthys was known as the shadowy goddess of the night, of death and decay. She was the dark sister of Isis,...
Image of a fortune teller gazing into a glowing orb, zodiac symbols orbiting around, divining the future amidst the cosmos.            Source: Jenjira/Adobe Stock

The Past and the Future: Origins of the Oldest Divination Techniques

The act of divination is believed to be one of the earliest forms of religious activity, with a rich history dating back thousands of years and across multiple civilizations. The word itself, rooted...
Kvasir and the Mead of Poetry in Norse Mythology

Kvasir and the Mead of Poetry in Norse Mythology

For the ancient Vikings, poetry was a way to tell the stories of their gods, their religion, their heroes and villains. Works that have survived centuries are told with such eloquence; it would only...
The Weighing of the Heart ritual, shown in the Book of the Dead of Sesostris. Source: Manfred Werner - Tsui / CC BY-SA 3.0

Did the Ancient Egyptians Create Art as a Way to Manifest Reality?

Among the extravagantly decorated tombs and temples that made Egyptian art immortal, there is something obscure. It could even be considered supernatural or otherworldly. Telling the stories of what...
Selection of Greek Magical Papyri which are kept at the British Library.	Source: British Library

Curious and Unusual Spells from the Greek Magical Papyri

The Greek magical papyri, as it is commonly known, is an extensive collection of ancient Greco-Roman Egypt magical spells, rituals, remedies, hymns, and myth. Scholars have placed its origin between...