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Mark Amaru Pinkham

Mark Amaru Pinkham

Mark Amaru Pinkham is an author and researcher who has published six books on the ancient mysteries of Earth and the evolution of humanity. His books include  The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom  Guardians of the Holy Grail  World Gnosis: The Coming Gnostic Civilization, The Truth Behind the Christ Myth  and his most recent book  Sedona: City of the Star People  , within which he reveals that the Hopi legend of Palatkwapi, an ancient temple city built by the Star People or Kachinas, is a reference to the city of ruined red rock temples that Sedona, Arizona was built upon. Mark is also the Grand Prior of  The International Order of Gnostic Templars  , which is a revival of the gnostic and alchemical rites and beliefs of the original Knights Templar. Mark is also Director of  The Djedhi School of Ancient Wisdom  , and through  Sacred Sites Journeys  he leads tours in Sedona, Peru, Egypt and to many other sacred sites around the globe.

Sedona: City of the Star People recounts the 27-year journey of author Mark Amaru Pinkham as he travels in the American Southwest and around the globe while unlocking the hidden mysteries of Sedona, the Star People, and the ancient King of the World. 

In this book you will learn: 

  • * A complete history and explanation of the Sedona Vortexes
  • * The Sedona Grid of Ley Lines, Chakras, and Vortexes
  • * Sedona’s origin as Palatkwapi, the City of the Star People
  • * Sedona’s first inhabitants, the extraterrestrial Star People or Kachinas
  • * The Sedona location of the Court of Masau’u, Hopis’ King of the World
  • * Sedona’s ancient past when it was covered with temples and water
  • * Sedona’s place on the World Grid as the Root Chakra of planet Earth
  • * And much, much more!

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The Coming Gnostic Civilization, and his most recent book, Sedona: City of the Star People.

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