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Liz Leafloor

Liz Leafloor is former Art Director for Ancient Origins Magazine. She has a background as an Editor, Writer, and Graphic Designer. Having worked in news and online media for years, Liz covers exciting and interesting topics like ancient myth, history, technology, archaeological discoveries, life and death, and the unexplained.


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Prehistoric Lines Across Malta Defy Explanation: The Cart Ruts of Misrah Ghar il-Kbir

Prehistoric Lines Across Malta Defy Explanation: The Cart Ruts of Misrah Ghar il-Kbir

The islands of Malta and Gozo in the Maltese archipelago are scarred with hundreds, if not thousands, of parallel lines seemingly cut deep into the stone. These ancient grooves have puzzled experts...
Queen Adelaide wax bust from 1830. Ancient wax sculpture. Funeral effigy. Source: Timothy Millett/CC BY-SA 4.0, © Trustees of the British Museum /CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, Public Domain

Eerie Ancient Wax Sculptures For Hexing Enemies and Destroying Demons

The eerie, sightless stare of wax-figure mannequins disconcerts many an onlooker, but the famous wax museums of today which host hyper-realistic looking wax models of celebrities and historical wax...
Experimental models of Aztec death whistles

Scientists Recreate Aztec Death Whistle’s Deathly Noise

Experts have recreated the terrifying sound of the Aztec Death Whistle - using a 3D printer. The whistle's design is based on the skull-shaped originals found in Mexico in the 1990s. Historically,...
Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue, Tsonjin Boldog, Mongolia. Source: Guy Bryant / Adobe Stock

‘Super-Father’: One in 200 Men are Descendants of Genghis Khan

Mongol Emperor Genghis Khan (1162 – 1227 AD) was not just an infamously ruthless warrior, and founder of the largest contiguous empire in history, but was also a prolific father as well, siring so...
The haunting beauty of the deep labyrinth of Buda Castle. Source: CC BY-SA 3.0

The Labyrinth of Buda Castle: Caves Inexplicably Evacuated by Police

Deep under the imposing stone walls of the 13th century Buda Castle, the Labyrinth of Buda contains, in its twisting paths and pitch-black corridors, the dark history of the ancient castle district...
The Swiss ring watch found by Chinese archaeologists within a Ming Dynasty tomb. Source: EuroPics

Bizarre Finding of a Swiss Ring Watch in a Sealed Ming Dynasty Tomb

An aura of mystery continues to surround the excavation of a curious artifact which was recovered from the depths of an ancient tomb in China. When archaeologists reportedly recovered a modern-...
Curious Tjipetir blocks have been turning up on beaches across Europe for decades. Source: Tom Quinn Williams / Tjipetir Mystery Facebook page

Mysterious Tjipetir Blocks Are Appearing on European Beaches

A woman was walking along the beach in Cornwall , England in 2012, when she by chance spotted a dark tablet in the sand. On closer inspection she noticed it was inscribed with a strange word, but...
Can Hair Act as a Sixth Sense, Protecting us from Danger

Legendary Locks: Can Hair Act as a Sixth Sense, Protecting us from Danger?

Humans have always styled their hair in a multitude of creative and symbolic ways, and the various cuts, colors, and presentations reflected across the ages are nearly unlimited. But does hair serve...
The Tamam Shud Case is re-opening

The Tamam Shud Enigma: Australian Cold Case with Ancient Persian Connection Re-Opens!

On December 1, 1948, authorities were called to Somerton beach in Adelaide, South Australia. A dead body had been found. Little did police realize they were about to encounter what is now considered...
The Shigir Idol head

World Famous Shigir Idol is Twice as Old as Stonehenge! [New Study]

The incredible Shigir Idol, a wooden wonder from the prehistoric world, was dated to approximately 11,600 years old in 2018. Now, a new study has pushed that date back a further 900 years. This means...
5 Outrageous Fashion Trends from the Ancient World

5 Outrageous Fashion Trends from the Ancient World

The eternal quest to be ridiculously good looking is one we’ve been on since time immemorial. From elaborate, exquisite, and downright weird clothing choices, to sexy-but-deadly cosmetics, and...
Phoenix bird

Symbolism of the Mythical Phoenix Bird: Renewal, Rebirth and Destruction

Ancient legend paints a picture of a magical bird, radiant and shimmering, which lives for several hundred years before it dies by bursting into flames. It is then reborn from the ashes, to start a...
The Shroud of Turin: modern, digitally processed image of the face on the cloth [left] and the full body image as seen on the shroud [right].

The Shroud of Turin: Jesus' Bloodstained Burial Cloth or a Fascinating Forgery?

The Shroud of Turin is believed by many to be the bloodstained burial cloth Jesus of Nazareth was wrapped in after his crucifixion. But skeptics say it is a forgery, or at best only a religious...
10 Must-Have Toys for Ancient Kids

10 Must-Have Toys for Ancient Kids

Do you think that today’s mad-dash grab for the hottest toys is just a phenomenon of modern times? Not necessarily. In the past as in the present, where we find children, we find toys, as shown by...
10 Of The Most Famous Pirates, Male And Female, Who Ruled The Seas!

10 Of The Most Famous Pirates, Male And Female, Who Ruled The Seas!

There was a Golden Age of Piracy, and that’s not just figurative. It was literally true! Men and women made untold fortunes in gold, silver, jewels, and goods while riding the high seas and bringing...
The enigmatic 1,200-year-old telephone made by the Chimu people

1,200-Year-Old Telephone, Amazing Invention of the Ancient Chimu Civilization

A 1,200-year-old telephone, a marvel of ancient invention, surprises almost all who hear about it. Reportedly found in in the ruins of Chan Chan, Peru, the delicate communication artifact is known as...


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