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Annemieke Witteveen

Annemieke Witteveen

Annemieke Witteveen (1966) is a teacher at a primary school in the Netherlands.

12 years ago she came into contact with the phenomenon of crop circles. The shapes in the landscape moved her deeply and she knew that this was she had been looking for without even knowing she was searching.

Every year she can be found out in the fields of Wiltshire, England to study and examine the phenomenon.  With great regularity she gives lectures on the subject of crop circles in which she likes to share her experiences and findings in the fields. The subject of crop circles always gives food for thought and regularly leads to discussions. During a lecture she uses stunning visuals and tells what we know so far about crop circles. She feels it is important that everyone can form their own opinion.

In recent years there have been articles on several objects with great regularity and photos of hers published in different magazines. She published a childrens book on crop circles called 'Cirkeljagers' in Dutch and another childrens book about the Great Pyramid of Egypt is about to be published.

She is currently working on a travel guide for Wiltshire, the area where most crop circles appear.


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