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Archaeological discoveries

New and old discoveries in archaeology from the scientific to the extraordinary

Spectacular Discoveries at Saqqara

Since September 2020, archaeologists excavating the famous Saqqara necropolis in Egypt have announced a list of amazing ancient discoveries. They’ve unearthed numerous burial shafts with sealed coffins, many containing mummies, as well as hundreds of statues, stelae, toys, wooden boats, funerary masks, and a papyrus depicting Chapter 17 of the Book of the Dead.

Native Americans in West Virginia

Was Wondering if anyone heard about  native american remains found in a cave during the construction of rt 35 in mason county wv, its been a few years ago but i cant seem to find anything online about it but i know they had to stop construction and bring in archeologist to examine the site. if anyone has any info it would be appreciated, or any other news regarding this subject, i live in mason county an have been doing alot of research so any info helps. thanks

Discoveries of megalithic cairns and rock necropolises in Southern Germany

Since the year 1990 in Germany´s South sensational discoveries of prehistoric cairns in so called quarries are made. They are larger und higher than every noted monument of the Megalithic Period in North Germany and whole Europe. 25 passage graves are known and explorable anytime. The construction of monuments within the rock of a slope is archeologically related to Etruscan rock-necropolises like Banditacci in Cerveteri or Crucifisso del Tuffo in Orvieto.

Please do the math and watch the videos. And if you like recommend them.

Megalithic Mysteries of Germany, Part 1 – 3

An ancient map is found in Ukraine

Map-making appears to predate written language. What may be the oldest map in the worldOffsite Link, discovered in Ukraine in 1966, may date from about 10,000 BCE. Inscribed on a mammoth tusk, the map was found in Mezhirich, Ukraine.

Here's a more detailed link

Object found , opinions wanted

Hello, I wanted to share this object I found and get peoples thoughts on it. It was found while gold dredging this summer in the North Central Cascades, Washington State, USA. It appears to me to be a micro engraved artifact of unknown origin. It measures approx. 4.1mm x 3.1mm and is .49mm thick. It appears to be copper coated gold with a precision micro engraved repeating pattern etched into the surface.

IMGUR image address is:

Greek Indonesia

Rome had trading ports in the Mumbai region of India with 120 ship-voyages a year from Roman Egypt at the peak . Chinese plates from this trade have been found in the mud of the Thames river London. Here is evidence for Greek-Roman voyages to Bali Indonesia over 2000 years ago.  A book by Jesuit priest da Volta 500 years ago "A Voyage to Moluccas" described trading boats with a dragon-head having many paddlers( which suggests Viking boats). The priest was reminded of the boats used in Lisbon Portugal for Corpus Christi ceremonies.

A 15 years teenager discovers an ancient Mayan city through the stars


A teenager in the Province of Quebec in Canada have speculate that the location of the Mayan constellations in the sky correlated with the positioning of the cities on Earth, and he proved it.


Ancient Australian Aborigines connected to Lascaux Cave, France

Latest studies show that the same Stone Age text found at Lascaux Cave is found in Australia.

Alignment of Archaic Artwork to Astronomical Values Used to Predict Eclipses: Direct Evidence for the Presence of Ancient Astronomical Text in Early Australian Art and Palaeolithic Art Found at Lascaux Cave in France

The exact same angular values are highlighted in both regions circa 20,000 year ago.

Megalithic cliff statue

Klaus Dona, who seems to be an under-regarded scholar of fringe archaeology, has published images of what appears to be a female figure of staggering proportions carved into the side of a granite cliff in Guinea, West Africa.  He claims its height is 150m, which is roughly equal to that of the great pyramid.  A google search reveals scant details about this thing, and I would be interested to know if anyone else here has heard of it.

Aztec Death histle

Hi All,

Has anyone made an Aztec death whistle and would be willing to share the design/plans for it. They sound incredibly (ahem) Dead On.

Can’t be that hard to make, although ancients built many things we really can’t copy, so maybe thisobservation  is off base!


Azetc Death Whistles...make a bunch for Halloween/day of the Dead/Saturnalia  gift giving.


The Lost Earth Zodiac

The zodiac belt which we circumnavigate is made up of twelve constellation signs. Each of these signs represent the twelve parts of the body. Aries has the distinguishing feature of the horns and represents this part of the body. Pisces has the unique feature of our animals as the tail fin and connects to the feet. Taurus has the big distinctive neck of the bull, Leo is the lungs and heart area and has the unique mane for the feline family wrapped around the torso.

"Reserve Heads" of Old Kingdom Egypt: A Transitory Cult of Heterodoxy

The "Reserve Heads", also known by "Magical Heads", have been a mystifying phenomenon. It happened only once in the Old Kingdom, mostly at Giza necropolis, and silently disappeared leaving no trace of its essentiality. The subject we are investigating has been a challenge in Egyptology for over a century and none of the theories has gained common acceptance. It is in vain to solve such a long-term perplexity without the original codes already established in my research of 2014.

Chan Chan, The Largest Pre-Colombian City In South America

The Chimu State or also called the Kingdom of Chimor was an Andean civilization established in Peru around 850 AD. It was one of the cultures conquered by theInca in 1470. Its capital, Chan Chan, was the largest pre-Colombian city in South America. Located today in the region of La Libertad approximately five kilometers west of Trujillo.

The Shigir Idol - A wodden statue twice as old as the Pyramids of Egypt

Ive been doing some research lately and I cam across the "Shigir Idol" which was discovered in 1890 near Kirovgrad. According to experts this wodden statue is at least twice as old as the Pyramids of Egypt. 

The Shigir Idol is overed with Mesolithic era symbols that have not yet been deciphered. At the moment it is located in Germany where further research is being done.  

Ive written about here:


See you around!


There is a joke among archaeologists about the use of the term ‘ritual’. Basically, it seems to be a common thing that when an archaeologist can’t understand a site, when behavior is unique or when something unusually is found it is commonly described as relating to some type of ritualistic behavior. So if we have a society that buries all their trash around their houses, and then we find a trash pit on the outskirts of the settlement- this trash pit is said to be part of a ritual due to its uniqueness.