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Chan Chan, The Largest Pre-Colombian City In South America

The Chimu State or also called the Kingdom of Chimor was an Andean civilization established in Peru around 850 AD. It was one of the cultures conquered by theInca in 1470. Its capital, Chan Chan, was the largest pre-Colombian city in South America. Located today in the region of La Libertad approximately five kilometers west of Trujillo.

This ancient city covers a staggering twenty square kilometers with a dense urban center of six square kilometers. It was the imperial capital called home for over fifty thousand people. The ruins of Chan Chan are in a fairly good condition, mainly due top the fact that the region does not have much rainfall it was a city built of adobe brick, one of the biggest adobe cities in the world in fact. The center of the city is incredible, the design and architecture present at Chan Chan can be compared to other incredible sites in Peru.