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Ivan Petricevic

I have a passion for history, archaeology and science, I speak four languages and I am the founder and editor of, a site which bring up to date news and articles from archaeology, astronomy, and history. 


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The thirteen towers of Chankillo, Peru

Chankillo: The Oldest Solar Observatory in the Americas

Located in the Peruvian coastal desert at the Casma-Sechin Oasis stands the incredible monumental complex of Chankillo. The archaeological site consists of a fort located on a hilltop and thirteen...
The Mighty Wall of Hadrian, Emperor of Rome

The Mighty Wall of Hadrian, Emperor of Rome

Built by Emperor Hadrian of the Roman Empire, Hadrian's Wall stretches across the width of England south of its modern border with Scotland. This incredible monument covers over seventy miles (120 km...
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