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The Shigir Idol - A wodden statue twice as old as the Pyramids of Egypt

Ive been doing some research lately and I cam across the "Shigir Idol" which was discovered in 1890 near Kirovgrad. According to experts this wodden statue is at least twice as old as the Pyramids of Egypt. 

The Shigir Idol is overed with Mesolithic era symbols that have not yet been deciphered. At the moment it is located in Germany where further research is being done.  

Ive written about here:


See you around!

That's fantastic!! Thank you

That's fantastic!! Thank you so much for sharing this! I look forward to learning more about it!

love, light and blessings


Older than the pyramids, huh?

Older than the pyramids, huh? Awesome! I'm excieted to hear more about this artifact.

Peace and Love,


Hi Ivan, do you know where I

Hi Ivan, do you know where I could find images of the linear geometrics drawn on this idol?

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author of:
The Map that Talked - How astronomy was used to map the ancient world
The Babel Texts - Decoding the early text of the Stone Age
Scotland and Shakespeare's Third Prophecy - Recovering Scotland's Forgotten past