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Aztec Death histle

Hi All,

Has anyone made an Aztec death whistle and would be willing to share the design/plans for it. They sound incredibly (ahem) Dead On.

Can’t be that hard to make, although ancients built many things we really can’t copy, so maybe thisobservation  is off base!


Azetc Death Whistles...make a bunch for Halloween/day of the Dead/Saturnalia  gift giving.

Aztec death whistle?

What are those? Interesting.


Nisa Carroll Burkay

Aztec Death Whistles

They are a (chuckle) Potters Nightmare!


no No, they apparently are a flute/whistle made by aztecs that sound very close to a person being murdered,screaming as their still beating heart is ripped out.

try this

here is a comparason of mayan and aztec whistles

I have seen many how to make posts postings all useless. They can be clay I guess even wood. I hope wood is good as I carve and this would be a very  very cool thing to send to summer camp, (boy scout camp).


Aztec death whistle?

Wow some of those sound amazingly real. I cant imagine an army of warriors all blowing them at the same time before battle…pretty intimidating stuff

Nisa Carroll Burkay

Hi Nisa,

Hi Nisa,

I am interested in all things wierd, this undoubtly counts. I would live to make them non discript and place them out on windy days to act as an Aeolin Harp. Strap them to tree branches in the fall…… strap them to the cars roof racks……

Ya gotta have fun with stuff like this.


So if you or anyone on the list has a clue how to make them, please post here.


Also on a twisted related note. Many years back there was aweb page that was put up by a gent who wanted people to make recordings of this effect on overhead wires. He described how to make an ear piece to connect to a telephone pole to hear the harp vibrations. Please do ask around , someone else besides me must have stumbled over this site years ago like I did.


I tried the Wayback machine to no avail. Either it was never put into deep mass storage or my search parameters ewre incorrect. All help welcomed on either of these two quests for ultimate knowlege! chuckle.



Waiting for the end times or the return of the aliens/gods/genetic engineers 

who made us




I founfd this tutorial maybe it will be hepful

Sounds rather difficult

would love to hear if you make some too.


Nisa Carroll Burkay


I read that 3 times I could make it work for me. I saw that immediately before I posted here. There is another site I found with a picture(s) but it has tiny pictures, I also do not speak spanish! If I can find the other website I will post, perhaps you can do a screen capture and blow it up, or figure out how to contact the one who made the page.