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Association of Ancient Historians
Ancient Egypt

I am not a scientist nor an archaeologist. I have never been to Egypt. I read and listen to archaeologist and scientist, and I have developed my theory based on the discoveries of others. I am not a researcher nor a writer.


I listen to audio books and podcasts while at work, which doesn’t allow me to take notes or make bookmarks of quotes and references of the material to which I am referring. I must rely on memory when I get the chance to write down my ideas. Other sources of information come from documentaries that I see thru television and video.AC


I don't know where to go or how to get this idea researched. I don’t know how to contact the archaeologists who could shed light on my proposals. Most archaeologist will immediately dismiss this, but there are some who won’t, and I hope this gets to one of them.


I believe in a previous civilization in Egypt, existing prior to the Younger Drias Ice Age, which is estimated to have ended about 12,000 years ago. I believe that this previous civilization built the pyramids on the Giza plateau. I also believe that they constructed the Sphinx, along with other monolithic structures in Egypt, and other locations around the earth. Evidence of this is based on the geologic study of the erosion of the Sphinx. I do not believe that Khafre or any other Pharaoh or King, predynastic or dynastic, had anything to do with the building of these structures, as mainstream archaeologists would have us believe, other than repurposing the pyramids, Sphinx and other structures in their names.


It is my contention that the pharaohs saw these pyramids and attempted to create their own pyramids. These would have been the bent pyramid, the step pyramid, and others. Their attempt to build their own monuments made of the mud bricks failed at first, but after examining what went wrong, they were able to build resemblances of the great pyramids.


I do not believe that they had the same tools or the knowledge as the ancient ones and could not produce the large blocks needed to duplicate the building styles. Evidence of repurposing is found in Abydos, in the tomb of Seti I, where carvings of what looks like a helicopter, an airplane are on the walls but had been covered by a plaster coating. The only reason we found them was that the plaster had fallen off in that area.


I believe that the dynastic Egyptian culture built some of their pyramids as tombs, as they believed that this is what the buildings and Giza pyramids were used for. Since their attempts at pyramid building never equaled those of the previous civilization, they finally moved their tombs to the Valley of the Kings. The pyramids of the Giza plateau were never meant to be tombs but were designed and built to be something else, something that is lost to us now. Buildings like the Serapeum were not to be tombs, either, nor was the Serapeum used to bury sacred bulls.  There was some other purpose for these large boxes, and currently, we do not know what it was. Maybe someday we will know.


What I am getting at is this: there are buildings in Egypt that predate the culture that archaeologists currently believe built them. The dynastic Egyptians tried to copy them but could not match their grandeur. They did build, tho. They used sandstone, bricks made of mud, and softer limestone. They had no technology that allowed them to build with granite or basaltic rocks. They were just too hard and did not allow the intricate cuts that the pyramids needed. Over time, they developed a way to use granite, but not the intricate cuts that will not allow a piece of paper between.


Thank you for listening, and I hope that you can send this to some archaeologist that doesn't conspire to the belief that the dynastic Egyptians built the pyramids. Comments and critiques are welcome. If you do pass this on, you have my permission to pass my email address with it.