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"Reserve Heads" of Old Kingdom Egypt: A Transitory Cult of Heterodoxy

The "Reserve Heads", also known by "Magical Heads", have been a mystifying phenomenon. It happened only once in the Old Kingdom, mostly at Giza necropolis, and silently disappeared leaving no trace of its essentiality. The subject we are investigating has been a challenge in Egyptology for over a century and none of the theories has gained common acceptance. It is in vain to solve such a long-term perplexity without the original codes already established in my research of 2014. By employing the codes of Predynastic and Dynastic Egypt, a transitory cult of heterodoxy practiced by a sect of priests and nobles shall be investigated and validated.

Paper is available for download at:




Very interesting read! I hadn't heard of these artifacts before.

I do have a question though....I get the idea that this practice is considered negatively throughout the paper; being referred to as a "delusion", as "obsessive", as an "excessive idealization", such as in the following quoted text:

"It is hard to understand the incitement behind the emergence of such cult. Had it been an upshot of obsessive desideratum in attaining undisputed judicial vindication? Had it been an excessive idealization? Or, had it been a delusion sold to rich nobles?
From the geographical and chronological limitations of such heterodoxy cult, and more crucial its oddity being practiced only in non-royal tombs, it is obvious that Priesthood Order intervened and debarred the cult. The transitory heterodoxy cult did not reiterate in the history of the ancient Egyptian funerary traditions."

Why is this practice viewed in such a negative manner? It certainly seems to have been an "underground" cult, not practiced by Egyptian royalty, that was eventually squashed out of existence...but that doesn't necessarily mean it was bad, does it?


The twin-natured soul or the twin-forces soul is a divine doctrine, then and now. The doctrine has been imbedded in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is the doctrine by which God have granted us our freedom of doing right or wrong. We own our Destiney. Egyptologists have been teaching the ancient Egyptian religion as they, falsely, conceptualized. The speculation of two parallel traditions in ancient Egypt, one for kingship and the other for people is not true. The righteous soul ascend to afterlife, fully integrated, meaning in her twin-forces. The intentional act of perishing the evil-force, even ritually, meant: 1. Judging and blaming God for the evil-twin of our soul. 2. Refusal of the judgment after death. 3. Nobles, of all ages, tend to fully entertain the pleasures and lusts of life and it is obvious that the followers of the cult have been promised by attaining heaven irrespective of their deeds.

We remember the “Instrument of Forgiveness” of medieval Christianity.