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The Paracas Skulls

I recall seeing this some where on this site at one time. I found this article on the website "Bad Archaeology" which I think is worth a read for any one interested in them:

i guess because i strive to

i guess because i strive to keep an open mind i don't even like the tone of voice in that article. i can just hear the close-mindedness. lol...but then again, part of keeping an open mind is trying to remember that not everyone feels the same way. 

love, light and blessings


Yeah some of the articles on

Yeah some of the articles on that site can come off rather obtusive at times. 

The Paracas Skulls are Human

Foerster, who has no scientific background, has made a lot of false claims about the paracas skulls to sell his books and videos.  Namely, the capacity of the elongated skulls are well within normal human range even though he says they are outside of it, the sagittal sutures do fuse and dissapear in some people as they get older (he treats it as a non-human feature), and the foramen magnus (the hole where the spinal column enters) is in the correct position on the paracas skulls.  He says its not.  It only looks futher back because the artificial deformation due to head binding has squished the back of the skull up and forward.  The foreamen magnum is right where its supposed to be near the jaw.