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The Lost Earth Zodiac

The zodiac belt which we circumnavigate is made up of twelve constellation signs. Each of these signs represent the twelve parts of the body. Aries has the distinguishing feature of the horns and represents this part of the body. Pisces has the unique feature of our animals as the tail fin and connects to the feet. Taurus has the big distinctive neck of the bull, Leo is the lungs and heart area and has the unique mane for the feline family wrapped around the torso. Sagittarius is the thigh blend into the thighs of the horse, while in the middle of the body is the pivoting central fulcrum represented by the scales. 

Picture Anatomical Man

Interestingly each of the signs are iconic symbols from Earth and even more interestingly as the ecliptic is divided up into twelve, if you divide the World around the equator into twelve many enlightening links can be made. The study of the World correlated with a study of the stars and these connections have been recorded in many ancient monuments and records in each zone around the World. Leo aligns with the sphinx of Egypt and in the next zone sits the land of Israel once known as the land of Virgo, cemented by Christ and the Virgin Mary. Another step around the globe coincides with the central fulcrum of the World body where balance or karma is expressed.


On the other side of Leo sits Cancer, slightly Northern and so Stonehenge sits which also takes the form of the Cancer iconic symbol chosen because of the dominant crab from this region. We could jump to Easter Island where rather delightfully the Heads of Easter Island sit mysteriously and majestically.


Search the globe for many more connections and it soon becomes apparent that these iconic symbols represent the World body expressing variations in nature that moves to the design of the body. This study as well as a more three dimensional investigation links the twelve zones together.


The anatomical zones of the human body connect to the twelve zones of the Earth and become inserted when projecting these back to the twelve zones of our surrounding ecliptic zodiac belt. This binds many global stories together when you realise the body of the Earth connects to our Celestial body. As the cycle of the stars became connected to the zones of the World, it was the observations of the World zones that produced the zodiac signs and became projected to these corresponding zones on the Celestial zodiac belt.


This concept extended to the belief that the Universal template consists of this basic design and it describes how our more local structures, the Earth, the zodiac belt and life on Earth are manifestations of this Universal template, as microcosmic formations.

Picture Geb and Nut

Here we see like a print how the design of our Celestial zodiac band and body represented by the star filled Nut connects with the band around the World body represented by Geb the base figure. I have spent years studying the dynamics of our World’s animals itemising distinguishable dynamic features as well as identifying variations within species globally distributed and the more I see the more evidence is gathered linking these features to the correlated World anatomical formation.