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REL Issue No. 3

REL Issue No. 3 just released. It is my pleasure to share with all.

Abstract: The hypothesis of two persons by the names Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep, irrespective of whatever sort of their relationship, is well-established in Egyptology since the discovery of the tomb in late 1964. Part one of this paper has been assigned for establishing the truth of the tomb owner by the name Ni. Ni, the single owner of the tomb, has given the twin-forces of his soul the names Ankhkhnum and Khnumhotep. Hence, his name reads Ni-Ankhkhnum-Khnumhotep where there is no place for the conjugation 'and'. Part two penetrates the profound symbolization and intellectuality of the iconography. The identity of the midget youngsters is revealed. The leading role of Ni-Ankhkhnum is investigated and justified. The marital life of Ni and its impact on questioning the two false doors is here unmasked. Finally, there is unanticipated surprise waiting for Egyptologists but more significant for readers to appraise. Ni has faithfully adhered to the teachings of his forefathers that have been later on spelled out by the Egyptian priests.

Paper is available for download at: