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Hever Castle, Kent. Source: Rolf / Adobe Stock.

The Secrets Of Hever Castle: Home Of Anne Boleyn (Video)

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Hever Castle, with its 700-year history, is a remarkable historic house in Britain. Originally a timber mott and bailey castle, it was upgraded to a stone fortress in the 13th century, complete with crenellated walls and towers. Over the years, it has witnessed the comings and goings of 37 owners and 13 families. The most famous inhabitants of Hever Castle were the Boleyns, including Anne Boleyn, who became Henry VIII's second wife. However, her reign was short-lived, as she and her brother were executed on charges of adultery and incest.

After passing through various hands, the castle fell into disrepair until it was purchased by William Waldorf Astor, an American millionaire. Astor meticulously restored Hever Castle, transforming it into a grand Tudor fortress. Today, visitors can explore the castle's intriguing mix of medieval and Tudor architecture. They can discover hidden treasures, such as Anne Boleyn's bedroom, where personal prayer books that she annotated herself are on display. Hever Castle stands as a testament to the changing fortunes of time. It offers a glimpse into the captivating history of the Boleyns and other prominent figures who once walked its halls.

Top image: Hever Castle, Kent. Source: Rolf / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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