The bed could be a possible English National Treasure.

Bed Bought Online for £2200 May be 15th Century Bridal Bed of King Henry VII

A bed bought online by an antiques dealer in Britain for just £2200 (US$ 2500) may actually be the only surviving example of royal furniture from the Tudor Era. It is believed that the ornately...
Don’t look so worried Cromwell, she’s just asleep. Thomas Cromwell’s wife and daughters died of sweating sickness.

What was Sweating Sickness, the Mysterious Tudor Plague of Wolf Hall?

Derek Gatherer / The Conversation In the first episode of BBC historical drama Wolf Hall , based on Hilary Mantel’s novel of the same name, Thomas Cromwell returns home to find his wife and two...
Jousting demonstration/show/competition at the Renaissance Festival, Holly, Michigan, 2007

From Jousting to Football: The Ideal Man Hasn’t Changed Much Since Medieval Times

Anyone with a moderate interest in history will know that in the later years of his reign, Henry VIII seemed to have an identity crisis. His personality change from a generous and virtuous prince...
The shipwreck found on Tankerton beach last year is now protected.

Authorities Give Protection to a Rare 16th Century Tudor Shipwreck Found on an English Beach

British experts have announced an amazing discovery on a beach in Kent. A group of amateur archaeologists has found a Tudor shipwreck that is up to five hundred years old. The find was totally...
Twelve gold pieces of very fine workmanship have been discovered in the mud of the River Thames over the years by people with metal detectors.

Gold pieces retrieved from Thames River most likely part of elaborate Tudor era hat

Beautifully fashioned little gold fasteners that probably adorned a hat or clothing in the 16 th century have been turned up by eight people with metal detectors scanning the mud along the Thames...
Toasting the revels: The court of Henry VIII, as depicted by the Italian artist Fortunino Matania.

Lavish banquet hall where Henry VIII entertained visiting royalty is discovered beneath playground

Archaeologists are excavating the ruins of a 480-year-old luxuriously decorated banquet house of King Henry VIII of England that was built next to a jousting field. Workers discovered the site of the...