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Beverley Adams

Writer and historian Beverley Adams holds a Masters Degree in English and has written several non-fiction titles for Pen and Sword Books, including The Rebel Suffragette: The Life of Edith Rigby, Ada Lovelace: The World’s First Computer Programmer and her first Tudor themed book The Forgotten Tudor Royal, Margaret Douglas: Grandmother to King James VI/ I. Her work focuses on bringing the lives of inspirational women back to life and her upcoming books include The Tragic Life of Lady Jane Grey and Elizabeth of York and the Birth of the Tudor Dynasty. She lives in Leyland, Lancashire.


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King Henry VIII’ s court with Anne Boleyn. (Public Domain)

Another Scandalous Love Affair At the Tudor Court Of Henry VIII

The Devonshire Manuscript contains love poems written by the ladies at the court of Queen Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII. It consists of 124 pages on which 184 poems had been lovingly...
Margaret Douglas and her husband Matthew, Earl of Lennox, their young son Charles and grandson James VI of Scotland, next to the body of their son Lord Darnley, consort to Queen Mary of Scots and father of James VI, by Livinus De Vogelaare (1567) (Public Domain)

The Remarkable Life Of Margaret Douglas, Countess Of Lennox, Ancestor Of The Royal Bloodline Of Britain

The life of a woman in Tudor England was not an easy one, even for those of noble birth and royal status. The role of a woman was to marry, run a household and produce the all-important male heir...