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Sylvia Barbara

Sylvia Barbara Soberton is an author, researcher and independent historian specialising in the Tudor court.  As she completed her degree in Economics, she realized her true calling was in writing about history.


Sylvia is passionate about writing the overlooked women back into the historical narrative, hence she started writing her best-selling series of books entitled The Forgotten Tudor Women . Sylvia’s other best-sellers include Golden Age Ladies: Women Who Shaped the courts of Henry VIII and Francis I ; Great Ladies: The Forgotten Witnesses to the Lives of Tudor Queens ; Medical Downfall of the Tudors: Sex, Reproduction & Succession and others. Her latest book is entitled Ladies-in-Waiting: Women Who Served Anne Boleyn and is a culmination of ten years of archival research into Anne Boleyn's household.


Sylvia's research was featured in the Smithsonian Magazine , History of Scotland , British Library Electronic Journal and Women's Writers, Women's Books magazine. She also regularly appears on podcasts where she talks about her books and writes guest articles for Tudor-themed websites and blogs.


You can find Sylvia on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @SylviaBSo


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