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Gareth Streeter

Gareth Benjamin Streeter is a Royal history researcher and writer with a specialist interest in the Wars of the Roses and the early-Tudor period.  He is the creator of “Royal History Geeks”, a blog and social media experience that engages with 70,000 history lovers across facebook, X, Threads, Instagram and YouTube. 

In 2023, Pen & Sword published Gareth’s first book, “ Arthur, Prince of Wales: Henry VIII’s lost brother ”.  He is also one of the contributors to the “King and Queens, 1200 Years of English and British Monarchs ” book, edited by Iain Dale and published by Hodder & Stoughton.  Gareth was educated at the London School of Theology where he studied the medieval Church and the English reformation.


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Portrait of the Royal Tudors. At left, Henry VII, with Prince Arthur behind him, then Prince Henry (later Henry VIII), and Prince Edmund, who did not survive early childhood. To the right is Elizabeth of York, with Princess Margaret, then Princess Elizabeth who didn't survive childhood, Princess Mary, and Princess Katherine, who died shortly after her birth. (Public Domain)

The Other Arthur Of England: Pendragon Or Tudor?

For over 300 years, and probably more besides, the fabled figure of King Arthur had set the standard for English kings to follow. The victorious son of Uther Pendragon was, in the words of Geoffrey...