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Inveraray Castle. Source: Richard Johnson / Adobe Stock.

Inveraray Castle: An Ancient Archive Treasure Trove (Video)


Inveraray Castle's archives, a treasure trove of historical documents dating back to the 13th century, stands as one of Britain's most significant private collections. These invaluable records, painstakingly curated by archivist Alison Diamond and her dedicated team, are safeguarded within the Scottish estate's converted poultry house. This collection, spared from the ravages of time and fire, offers a glimpse into the past like no other. The documents reveal not just the history of the estate but a vivid tapestry of drama and political intrigue, a narrative rich enough to rival Shakespearean tales.

The surviving pages from Lord Lorne's diary, penned when he was a boy, provide a captivating window into his life and travels. Unfortunately, due to water damage from firefighting efforts, some pages remain fused together, concealing secrets waiting to be unveiled by skilled conservators. Conservation, though costly, is essential to ensure the longevity of these precious archives. Every sheet of paper, every volume with a damaged spine, requires meticulous care that can carry a substantial price tag. Thus, these historical gems, with tales of ages past, await their turn on the list for restoration, safeguarding the legacy of Inveraray Castle for future generations to appreciate.

Top image: Inveraray Castle. Source: Richard Johnson / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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