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Aerial view of Vindolanda. Source: makasana photo / Adobe Stock.

Britain’s Amazing Roman Structures That You Can Still Visit Today (Video)


The enduring Roman legacy in Britain is evident through remarkable sites. Hadrian's Wall, constructed around 134 AD, served as a formidable barrier, rising 20 feet high and spanning 73 miles from coast to coast. It was a crucial structure designed to contain and subdue Scotland's tribes and remained intact for over three centuries after its completion. In Northumberland, the ancient fort of Vindolanda stands as a testament to Roman military infrastructure.

This expansive site includes remnants of cavalry stables, infantry barracks, administrative offices, and a once-bustling main street adorned with shops and taverns. Vindolanda, the largest military base south of Hadrian's Wall, offers a unique glimpse into Roman life. The discovery of 400 wooden pages, known as the Vindolanda tablets, has unearthed captivating details of daily life at the fort. These tablets reveal insights into troop movements, as well as personal accounts like a birthday party invitation—among them, the earliest known Latin letter penned by a woman.

Top image: Aerial view of Vindolanda. Source: makasana photo / Adobe Stock.

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