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Aerial view of Vindolanda. Source: makasana photo / Adobe Stock.

Britain’s Amazing Roman Structures That You Can Still Visit Today (Video)

The enduring Roman legacy in Britain is evident through remarkable sites. Hadrian's Wall , constructed around 134 AD, served as a formidable barrier, rising 20 feet high and spanning 73 miles from...
The wooden phallus discovered at Vindolanda exhibited smooth surfaces on both ends, suggesting that it had been subject to repeated handling over an extended period. Source: Newcastle University.

2,000-Year-Old Roman Phallus Could Be Oldest Known Sex Toy

In what is perhaps the oldest sex toy ever found in Britain, a 2,000-year-old Roman phallus is the subject of a new study. Found in 1992 near the Roman fort of Vindolanda near Hadrian’s Wall , the...
This phallus has insulting Roman graffiti above it that was meant for another Roman soldier. The insult reads: “You shi**r!”	Source: Vindolanda Charitable Trust

Roman Graffiti Shows Carved Phallus With Insult Found at Vindolanda Fort

A sizable, engraved penis has been discovered at the Vindolanda Roman fort in England, with a clear insult carved above it. The Roman graffiti insult, aimed at another Roman soldier, reads: “You shi...
The latest Vindolanda find on the right is a remarkable and unusual sandstone relief that may depict a god, but this is still unclear. The landscape where the latest tablet was found is shown on the right.             Source: Vindolanda Trust

Latest Vindolanda Find: A Strange Naked Man on a Carved Relief Tablet

Recent excavations at the British Roman fort of Vindolanda near Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, England have produced a fascinating and unique artifact, according to a new announcement from the...
A fragment of the 5th-century chalice etched with Christian symbols, unearthed at Vindolanda in Northumberland. Credit: The Vindolanda Trust

Holy Grail of Christian Graffiti Discovered On 5th Century Chalice

A lead chalice-cup etched with Christian iconography and letters from three languages has been discovered in remains of 5th-century church on Hadrian’s Wall in England, but what does it say?...
Shot of an archaeologist holding the leather prank mouse found in the Roman fort of Vindolanda.      Source: Vindolanda Trust

The Romans’ Playful Side Revealed By Prank Mouse in Vindolanda

A 2,000-year-old ‘prank mouse’ has been discovered in a bag of Roman period leather offcuts in a collection of artifacts in Northumberland’s Vindolanda Museum. The life-sized leather mouse, measuring...
A set of four ‘hipposandals’ or Roman horseshoes found at Vindolanda.

Ironclad Hoof: Unique Roman Horse Shoes Found on Hadrian’s Wall

The BBC is reporting an exciting find on the famous Hadrian’s Wall in the North of England. Four Roman era horseshoes were unearthed during a planned dig at the site of the ruined Vindolanda fort...
The first ever Roman boxing gloves found in Britain are now on display at Vindolanda.

Heavy Hitters: 2,000-Year-Old Boxing Gloves Suggest Roman Soldiers Used to Duke It Out

Still molded to the form of their former owner’s knuckles, boxing gloves found at the Roman site of Vindolanda in Northumberland, England hint at tales of soldiers increasing their battle skills,...
Samian ware pottery that was found at the site at the end of last month

Two Roman Cavalry Swords and Two Toy Swords Amongst Treasures Found at Frontier Fort

Evidence of both work and play have been found at a Roman fort near Hadrian’s Wall in the UK. Two Roman swords as well as two wooden toy swords have been found in ongoing investigations which are...
Archaeologists Uncover Spine-tingling New Hoard of Roman Letters at Vindolanda Fort

Archaeologists Uncover Spine-tingling New Hoard of Roman Letters at Vindolanda Fort

Archaeologists have spotted a stockpile of Roman letters at Vindolanda, the fort below Hadrian’s Wall in the north of England. Experts can’t hide their excitement about the newly found 25 tablets and...
Adidas of Ancient Rome: Ancient Fashion Unveiled with Discovery of Roman Shoe Hoard

Adidas of Ancient Rome: Ancient Fashion Unveiled with Discovery of Roman Shoe Hoard

A team of archeologists has discovered more than 400 ancient Roman shoes in the Vindolanda fort in Northumberland, England, including some that resemble modern-day shoe styles. The site, located just...