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ArticleSea-Farers from the Levant the first to set foot in the Americas: proto-Sinaitic inscriptions found along the coast of Uruguay William James Veall241 year 1 week ago
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ArticleAbu Simbel: The Great Temple of Ramesses II was Almost Lost dhwty62 years 9 months ago
ArticleCan You Imagine a Taxation System Where the Wealthy Competed to Pay the Highest Taxes? It Really Happened! Theodoros Karasavvas23 years 1 week ago
ArticleParadigm Shift Required? 3-Fingered Mummified Humanoid Found in Peru May Change the Story of Human Origins Alicia McDermott293 years 1 month ago
ArticleAncient DNA Analysis Reveals the ‘Mythical’ Heritage of Modern Greeks Theodoros Karasavvas173 years 5 months ago
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ArticleThe Megalithic Temple of Malinalco: Could these Magnificent and Complex Rock-Cut Structures Actually Pre-Date the Aztecs? Marco M. Vigato34 years 9 months ago
ArticleThe Lost Knowledge of the Ancients: Were Humans the First? Sam Bostrom34 years 9 months ago
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