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Evidence of Origin of Light Skin

Recently I have read claims [from several other sources] that DNA evidence seems to indicate that light skin first appeared in Europeans as recently as 7,000 or 8,000 years ago. Has similar research been done to try to determine when light skin first appeared in far-eastern Asian populations represented by contemporary Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese?

I ask because I’m curious if those researchers are implying 1) that the obvious physical differentiation between Europeans and East-Asians was more recent than 7,000 or 8,000 years ago or 2) that light skin in these widely-separated populations is a result of parallel evolution.

Not sure I know the answer to

Not sure I know the answer to your questions, but the theory that as people migrate out of Africa, their skin colour became lighter due to adaptation to the environment is illogical. Assuming those folks coming from Africa had no prior contact with another race of beings, black Africans mating with black Africans will not produce an offspring of a different colour no matter what type of environment they faced.

I've always understood that

I've always understood that skin lightened as an evolutionary adaptation to a cloudy climate. If life originated in africa, anyone migrating out would have had dark skin. Dark skin helps in equatorial regions where there is a lot of direct sunlight. The dark skin absorbs less UV light and thus is more resilient in these environments. If early man migrated north out of africa and into cloudy, rainy regions like northern europe, there would be no need for dark skin, in fact there would be a need for light skin. Dark skin does not allow in enough sunlight to absorb adequate amounts of vitamin D in cloudy, low sunlight regions. Thus, it would be beneficial to ones health and continued existence to have lighter skin. Also, since sunlight is less of an issue, dark skin would not be needed for protection from the sun. And consider other evolutionary traits like thicker body hair for warmth in a colder climate and a narrower and longer nose which helps to warm air coming into the body to help regulate core body temperature in the cold.

These are all adaptations that would take place over several millenia. The early brown/black skinned humans migrating out of africa into this new climate would have evolved very slowly. But those with more body hair, narrower noses and lighter skin would have had a higher survival rate and would have been healthier and thus lived longer to breed more. As people with these traits bred for generations and generations, the traits that helped them survive/maintain health would have been passed on to their children and become stronger and more prevalent. The skin would lighten as the body produced less and less melanin which in turn would allow new colors of hair and eyes to come about as well. The more melanin one has in their body, the more brown/black they are. And this relates to skin, hair, eyes, everything. So colors which once were overpowered by brown, would be revealed as melanin production lessened.

light skin, etc.

Also consider the origin of blood types as possibly abetting this process. Each has a place and time of origin.

I agree with your comments

I agree with your comments

Light Skin

The Rh Negative evidence has now built to the point where even "conventional science" is considering genetic manipulation of a small group of humans around 5-8000 years ago.

History is nowhere near as well known as we think it is.

light skin

The out of Africa theory is a hoax. That group is one of it's own but perhaps more ancient than the Western European group. The diverse Western Europeans originate in Mesopotamia and Egypt although the group that occupy that area now are completely different for the better part.

Sir Clerke

Mary the Moon Godess

Who knows how light skin came about, but I don’t think Vikings just popped up out of nowhere. I am new to this site and saw a story about the Mary the Moon Goddess and the Story of the 7 dwarves. I should have saved it but was too busy signing up. I think this site is awesome. Anyone know what it falls under. Gratitude.

as im researching fact is all

as im researching fact is all life started in africa definitively ...if u go by what it says in the bible cain slew abel cain was cast out made to wander out he more than likely went as far away as possible went east  out of the garden of eden finally in the caucasus which the word or race of  caucasion derived from .. the region was very cold sun wasnt a big factor...after many generations the started migrating through the upper regions and some came down to the middle east with the babylonians\ sumerians which mixed the races…. the god struck the tower of bable scattered ppl in all directions evolution took over


The out of Africa idea is incorrect. Africans are a completely different species.

Sir Clerke

This analyses are ...?

You know, nobody really pinpointed a modern genetic origin for becoming white, but they believe blondism originated in the Papua region (island blondism). I can’t say for sure what happened but one day everyone was naked and probably darker and another day people dwelt in caves or houses and were lighter. Africans received the brunt of the environmental changes even from that massive volcano, they were dressed down and hot while exposed to nasty diseases and now they’re Africanized. I’d say it was society and clothing development before, during, and after the Ice Age. Maybe it was in Papua and India we became blond and red headed but nobody outside of Africa was Africanized. Who knows, maybe everyone came from America and left. Genetics being considered regional development is one matter, but to try and pinpoint a spot is impossible because the earth could have had a sideways equator and a West North Pole, we could’ve been chemically created and genetically altered by an extinct race or otherwise no longer present, we could have descended and devolved from immortals or long-lived beings and now we’re all relatively feeble. Man could’ve become white when they had chloroplasts for all we know. Nobody has forced evolution and studied it except maybe God, and it takes multiple trials over thousands and thousands of years to prove it 


All due respect, I think everybody wrong. It only takes maybe 15 years.
Black people in northern latitudes? From Minneapolis to Moscow, they mostly pale. They don't need the coloration. Black people down in Mobile and Tampa OTOH, often dark as Hershey's dark chocolate.
White people up in Canada? White as toothpaste. Whereas white folk in Florida and Hawaii, nice and toasty brown. And I think in both instances, their offspring inherit a predilection for the adapted color.
Could be wrong... but I don't think so. Go to any of these places and take a look for yourself.



There is much more to it than that. Bone structure hair shape, even brain shape and size. Asians, Caucasians, and Africans are completely different.

Sir Clerke


I'm really stupid, can't even protect that person. If you make your partner cry, would you still be lovable? You know you are wrong, but you will never forgive. The one who ever hurt my heart like I did.

Wow. What a diversity of

Wow. What a diversity of opinions. I always thought white skin came from the Caucasus area which is why they are called Caucasian.

I doubt it is a result from gradual adaptation. It is a genetic mutation and could have happened quickly. I once read an article that said whiteness was a result of Dravidian albinos. Someone else discounted the albino idea since albinos still retain other racial characteristics besides the skin color.

He said people with white skin were forced to leave because the blacks would kill them. This still happens in Africa today and no doubt happened to black people in ancient white societies. History is so tribal. That would have hastened differentiation also.

White people? Western people.

Yes, it's true. White people were in North America sixty five thousand years ago. And the sky people north of Cuzco were white as well. They were wiped out. The way it looks now we are on the way to being wiped out again. Even in Egypt it happened. The early Pharaohs had blue eyes and some red hair. For some reason this information is hidden and a black origin, Africa lie is spread throughout. The true victims are the white people, the European and ones from western Europe, Scandinavia and the British isles. One must always investigate these sources and the people behind them.

Sir Clerke

It doesn't always take

It doesn't always take millions of years for a genetic adaption to happen. Some genes have different states that can be switched on or changed to adapt to the environment within a few or even a single generation. This has been seen in moths which have altered from white to black in industrial environments in a few generations, and more recently in lizards I think. Of course chameleons have the ability to change colour within minutes to camouflage themselves. Humans have many genes which are normally switched off, for example a gene for a tail. Genetic change is far more complex than merely natural selection - something we're only just beginning to realise.