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Marco M. Vigato is an independent researcher into ancient mysteries and megalithic civilizations. A native of Italy, he lives in Mexico City and has travelled extensively across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, South-East Asia, North and South America. He is also a passionate photographer, dedicated to documenting the evidence of ancient advanced civilizations and sacred sites around the world.  


He holds a MBA from Harvard University and a B.A. and M.Sc. from Bocconi University.


Marco’s next book, The Empires of Atlantis , will be published by Inner Traditions/ Bear&Co. in January of 2022. In this book the author combines the most recent discoveries in the fields of archaeology, geology, anthropology, and genetics with the mystery teachings of antiquity to reveal the true origins of civilization. You can pre-order a copy of Marco’s new book from the Publisher’s website or from Amazon.com:


The Empires of Atlantis –  Inner Traditions | January 2021


Marco also regularly publishes articles with the results of his expeditions and photographs on his own blog dedicated to ancient history, adventure travel and archaeology:




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