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Human origins may be more closely linked to extraterrestrials than you might think! 	Source: rolffimages / Adobe Stock

The Great Silence of the Universe: Unusual Theories on Human Origins

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Starting from the great enigmas of humankind, a series of questions have begun to emerge about the real truth behind human origins. Two of these are as follows: Has an advanced civilization dared to colonize the Universe, and are humans the result of such an action? Are humans under observation by “others” to see how they evolve and in which direction they are heading? These questions have not appeared recently or during the contemporary period. On the contrary, ever since ancient times, humans have tried to explain for themselves their existence on planet Earth and they have asked themselves if somehow there are beings superior to them who monitor them and who could help or harm them.

First, there appeared a multitude of legends about human origins that tried to offer answers to these questions through explanations as varied as possible, ranging from the idea of gods descended from the heavens who travelled in “chariots of fire," and up to the unknown beings who emerged from the waters on board of some mysterious ships. Over time, these legends constituted themselves into entire mythologies and later man began to approach this topic in a more intellectual way, writing down the knowledge and the discussions on this theme in books.

The work “ A Compendium Of Universal History. Ancient And Modern, By The Author Of 'Two Thousand Questions On The Old And New Testaments” raises seven basic questions. These are as follows:

  • Who are humans?
  • Where do they come from?
  • For what purpose?
  • To where are they headed?
  • For how long?
  • Why?
  • What is the final motivation?

The work has been made to cover ten volumes and it includes all the knowledge related to these questions accumulated by humans until the moment of its publication. A very interesting detail is included in volume three entitled “ Commentarius in Acta Apostolorum, Epistolas Canonicas et Apocalypsin.” This chapter talks about the clear existence of parallel universes and mentions the fact that, in the case of a major disaster or in that of an eventual apocalypse, the worthy and wise humans will be evacuated to these parallel worlds.

Even the work Turris Babel ( The Tower of Babel) by the Jesuit scholar Athanasius Kircher from 1679 makes references to parallel worlds and even contains an engraving of a map of parallel universes.

This penal colony in the Andaman Islands in the 1890s could have been a colony set up by extraterrestrials, who may be behind human origins say some. (Cassell & Co. / Public domain)

This penal colony in the Andaman Islands in the 1890s could have been a colony set up by extraterrestrials, who may be behind human origins say some. (Cassell & Co. / Public domain)

Human Origins: The Penitentiary Colony and Alien Observers

One of the 32 volumes of “ Histoire du peuple de Dieu” ( History of God's people) by French Jesuit historian Isaac-Joseph Berruyer refers to the oldest temples known to history. In this volume, it is mentioned that God would, in fact, be a human being. In addition, God is said in the same volume of the book to have punished both humans and other gods by forcing them to live on planet Earth, which was just one of numerous other colonies in our universe. Thus, the theory of the penitentiary colony set up by God or extraterrestrials is broached.

According to this theory, extraterrestrials would also be, in fact, humans who used to live in a civilized world located somewhere in another corner of space. Some of these extraterrestrial humans committed a very sin or act and were deported from their mother planet and exiled on Earth. Here, these alien exiles became the first inhabitants of Earth and they had to start over from zero. It is claimed that only 7% of the human DNA contains elements specific to planet Earth. The rest would have unknown origins, and the theory of the penitentiary colony can be seen as an explanation of this enigma.

Another theory maintains that various civilizations with different degrees of development, some more evolved, others less evolved, have succeeded one another on planet Earth. At a certain point in their evolution, these civilizations suffered a cataclysm, a sort of apocalypse, which marked the end of the development and existence of one civilization, and the beginnings of a new one.

All these stages of evolution of the civilizations that have succeeded one another have been observed and recorded by a group of immortal beings who used to live and continue to live among humans. This has to do with those observers presented in the engravings of the Dutch History Bible. They never reveal their identity, they do not get involved, but they have monitored and recorded human activity since the very beginning.

Those who watch humans from the shadows are depicted in the Dutch History Bible in engravings that show them writing down everything they observe around them. Their notes constitute, in this way, an entire series of secret chronicles that contain all the secrets of human civilizations.

An extraterrestrial and a human standing near a space buggy with the female human checking the engine and an alien up front sitting on the buggy fender. (Bert Folsom / Adobe Stock)

An extraterrestrial and a human standing near a space buggy with the female human checking the engine and an alien up front sitting on the buggy fender. (Bert Folsom / Adobe Stock)

The Extraterrestrial Origins of the Human Species

Other interesting aspects regarding the possible extraterrestrial origins of the human species come from Egypt. The first Egyptian pharaoh whose existence is recognized as a real fact by historians and archaeologists appears quite late in history. Before him, Egypt did have, however, an entire anterior history with whole millennia of evolution behind it. As it regards a very distant period, researchers tend to name this period “the fabulous epic.”

As for the Egyptians from the times of old, they considered that they were the direct descendants of the gods. The old legends said that the gods had descended from the heavens, they had taken the earth of Egypt under their dominion, and they had colonized it.

Between the years 2000 and 1110 BC, during the period of the Theban monarchy, Egyptian priests claimed that man, as he had initially appeared on Earth, did not have any evolutionary mechanisms. Therefore, with the coming of the gods, humankind was taught about what it means to build a civilization.

For thousands of years, the gods ruled and, from among them, one can mention here Ptah, Amon, Ra, Shu, Seb, Osiris, Seth, and Horus. With time, through blood mixing, the shift from the dynasty of the gods to the historical human dynasties was made.

In the summer of the year 1994, archaeologists made a sensational discovery at Faiyum. They discovered subterranean tombs with mummies that dated from around the year 6000 BC, and which have been studied in genetic labs. It was discovered that the DNA of these mummies presented, in some sequences, differences from the human genotype. The differences were major, and they could not have resulted from simple genetic mutations. So, the conclusion is that these mummies did not have human origins. Also presenting some human characteristics, but not entirely, they could have only resulted through mixes between different species, between terrestrial species and extraterrestrial species.

According to legend, the gods have disappeared, or they have retired, but, in silence, they would continue to observe humans. Around the year 1961, American and Russian researchers discovered a mysterious object in space, like an artificial satellite located on an eccentric orbit around the Earth. The object was named the “Black Knight" and its origins and role still remain shrouded in mystery.

Still, humans often ask themselves whether extraterrestrials exist and whether they are surveilling them from outer space. However, much less often, do they ask themselves whether or not they are sharing their own planet, Earth, with beings and mysterious entities about which they have no knowledge.

UFOs have been captured on film and in photographs exiting and entering volcanoes. Man has been able to investigate a very small percentage of the Earth's oceans.

While many old texts, such as Pliny's “ Historia Naturalis,” talked about enigmatic beings who built entire civilizations at the bottom of the deepest oceans and who would come out, from time to time, to the surface, in giant metallic ships. Therefore, not just extraterrestrials should be a topic of study, but we must also consider the possibility of intra-terrestrials living amongst us.

Top image: Human origins may be more closely linked to extraterrestrials than you might think! Source: rolffimages / Adobe Stock

By Phoenix Vald


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Billiant article Zaya!  Could we please have more information on the 6,000 BC mummies and the DNS study that was developed?  Thanks, Tim

Please provide references to the DNA studies of the 6000 BC mummies and or the 1961 Black knight discovery. As is typical in articles of this nature the references provided in the text are not about the actual statements


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