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Rafael Videla Eissmann is a historian from Chile (Santiago, 1979) who has written several books and articles about the Antarctic origins of mankind, the vestiges of the primal civilization of the Americas and its symbols, as well as other fields of the Pre-Columbian cultures. Some of his books are Raza Primigenia (“Primal Race”, 2003), El Diluvio y los Gigantes. Mitos y leyendas de Chile a la luz de la Cosmogonia Glacial (“The Deluge and the Giants. Myths and Legends of Chile according to the Glacial Cosmogony”, 2010), Símbolos rúnicos en América. El regreso a la tierra ancestral (“Runic Symbols in the Americas. The Return to the Ancestral Land”. Foreword by Vicente Pistilli. 2011), Mitos del Polo Antártico. Cosmogonía y antropogonía de la civilización prediluvial (“Myths from the Antarctic Pole. Cosmogony and Anthropogony of the Prediluvial Civilization”. 2012), El Símbolo Sagrado del Sol (“The Sacred Symbol of the Sun”, 2014), Los lituches. Los hombresdioses de la tradición del sur del mundo (“The Lituches. The God-Men of the Tradition of the Southern Hemisphere”. Foreword by Erich von Däniken. 2014), Los Dioses Extraterrestres y el regreso de B’olon Yokte’K’uh (“The Extraterrestrial Gods and the Return of B’olon Yokte’K’uh”. Foreword by Erich von Däniken. 2015), El Gran Diluvio. Mitos americanos sobre la última catástrofe planetaria (“The Great Flood. Myths of the Americas about the last World Catastrophe”. Foreword by Marco Nünemann. 2016) and Antártida, Arquinesia y la Atlántida. Aproximaciones al poblamiento americano (Antartic, Archinesia and Atlantis. Approximations to the American settlement”. Foreword by Vicente Pistilli. 2017). Rafael is a member of the Privatinstitut Fuer Welteislehre (“Private Institute of Glacial Cosmogony”) based in Berchtesgaden; member of РОИПА (“Russian Society for the Study of Atlantis”) based in Moscow and of the Italian Cultural Association Akakor Geographical Exploring.


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