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Lex Leigh is a former educator with several years of writing experience under her belt. After moving to Knoxville, Tennessee in 2015, she earned her BS in Microbiology with a minor in Psychology at the University of Tennessee. Soon after this, she earned her MS in Education and worked as a secondary science teacher for several years before taking a position as a Learning & Organizational Development Specialist at her alma mater. 

Lex has spent the last several years working as a freelance writer between classes, after work, and on the weekends. Her future goals include pursuing writing as a primary career and publishing her first novel in the near future. Topics she is passionate about include science, technology, history, animal welfare, and education.

In her spare time, Lex enjoys her time at home caring for her animal friends: Norman and Dimples (5-year-old cats), Sookie(1-year-old Great Pyrenees mix), and Gilbert (4-year-old tortoise). She also enjoys cooking, creating artwork, traveling, and gaming with her friends.


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