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Images of the latest tiny alien claim circulating in Colombia.              Source: Social Media/Nazca Mummies

Colombia Joins Mexico Publishing “Tiny-Alien” Nonsense


Only two months after scientists in Peru revealed the public had been hoaxed into believing two “dolls” were in fact alien corpses, headlines are now touting more alien-nonsense. This time, a fetus with an elongated skull found in Colombia is being associated with little green-men and ancient races. But skeptical scientists are demonstrating how the skeleton is a premature human-fetus.

Hiding Facts Until The End Is So 2000s!

The primary reason so many people fall for such ridiculous headlines, about aliens, is because some of the biggest media outlets in the world publish hyper-dramatic articles presenting tightly-woven logical fallacies. For some, the media holding back of facts until the ends of articles sets them off telling other folk that aliens have finally been found, especially when so many people these days only read headlines, and move on to the next.

The Daily Mail wrote, in bold, that “a potentially extraterrestrial fetus with signs of an umbilical cord” has been discovered in Colombia. Then, not in bold, they write “according to Josep Guijarro, a veteran public radio reporter, it could be alien or a tiny humanoid from an ancient unidentified species.”

Of course, skeptical scientists, and anyone who has read a high-school anatomy book, already know the remains belong to a stillborn-human fetus, but why let such mundane facts get in the way of a good story. So, let’s do this…

A Headlining Story Built On A Whatsapp Message

The alleged “alien” has what appears to be an elongated skull. This, married with its slanted eyes and 10 ribs on each side of the body, compared to a human's typical 12, has led to claims of extraterrestrial origins. But rather than having been unearthed on a solid archaeological discovery, the reporter who broke the story received the first images “anonymously by Whatsapp.” Permission to face-palm granted.

MSN report that Josep Guijarro has hosted National Radio of Spain's “Enigmes i Misteris” for almost decade, and that he is today a renowned UFO researcher and world-mystery author. He said the mummy may have originated in 'el cerro de los enanos' ('the Hill of the Dwarves') in remote Colombia. And to thicken his story Guijarro drew similarities between the fetuses and the similar example presented by a UFO hunter who in 2003 claimed Chile's oblong-headed 'Atacama skeleton' who also “belonged to an ancient species of tiny, cave-dwelling human.”

Mummified child found in Atacama, Chile in 2003. (E. Smith)

Mummified child found in Atacama, Chile in 2003. (E. Smith)

Aliens Are Everywhere - Being Debunked

This all comes in the shadow of forensic archaeologists concluding that the 'alien mummies' presented by Jaime Maussan to Mexico's Congress last September were man-made hoaxes. Furthermore, Siân Halcrow, a Biological anthropologist at New Zealand's University of Otago, told press last year that the 'tiny humanoid' theory was 'absurd'. What’s more, it was downright tasteless. Halcrow said the skeleton belonged to the fetus or premature infant “that died less than four months into pregnancy.”

And even though a remote location in Colombia is being associated with this latest discovery, Guijarro posted on X that he doesn’t know exactly where they were found, and that he “lacks any verifiable data.” The Spanish public radio veteran suggested that the new specimen might be related to 'Ata,' the infamous 'alien'-like corpse unearthed in Chile in 2003, and he speculated that it might be “an intraterrestrial species that still lives among us”.

Human Fetuses Being Bent Out Of Shape

Guijarro’s alien claim was challenged by Navia-Osorio, who, also tripping the light fandango, speculated that the skeleton may not be alien “but a member of an ancient tiny race of people that co-existed with the Aymara people of the Andes mountain range hundreds if not thousands of years ago”. MSA even went so far as to report a random Chilean woman, Gilda Mora, who said she “had news of these beings since the times of the Spanish conquest in the high-altitude regions in Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Argentina”.

While it took an article to get there, lets end with the conclusions of anatomical researchers at Stockholm University in Sweden, and at Stony Brook medical school in the US. Their findings appear in a 2018 paper published by Halcrow, which criticize the Chilean Ata “alien”, demonstrating how the skeleton “belonged to the fetus of a premature infant”.

Do they really need to do tests on the latest poor specimen in the spotlight?

Top image: Images of the latest tiny alien claim circulating in Colombia.              Source: Social Media/Nazca Mummies

By Ashley Cowie

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