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Phoenix Vald

Phoenix Vald has always had a fascination for domains such as history, archaeology and mythology, but also enjoys travelling and investigating other domains of research. Through immersion in a world of personal hobbies and areas of interest, the author presents facts, beliefs, discoveries and phenomena in a concise and easy to understand manner, currently attempting to share the knowledge accumulated over the years with the world.


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Wesley Snipes played Eric Brooks in the Blade trilogy. Source: New Line Cinema / Fair Use

Six Fantastic and Mythological Beings from the Blade Trilogy

In the original Blade trilogy, Wesley Snipes played Eric Brooks, the title character also known as Blade. The film, written by David S. Goyer and directed by Stephen Norrington, was released in 1998...
Ancient columns at the Temple of Horus at Edfu, Egypt. Source: EwaStudio / Adobe Stock

5 Unique Facts Straight Out of Ancient Egypt

A lot of things viewed as unusual by the people from the present day used to take place in ancient Egypt. While some of these aspects are fascinating, others can be simply regarded as odd. Going...
  Demonic Evil Meets Human Evil: When Evil Was Released into the World “There is no good, and there is no evil. There is only the flesh and the patterns to which we submit it.” At least that was one of the things which the character Pinhead was supposed to say according to a proposed script for one of the Hellraiser movies based on the writings of Clive Barker. Even though the line was not used in the film, to a certain extent, there is some truth to that. The dual perspective based on the good-evil distinc

Demonic Evil Meets Human Evil: When Evil Was Released into the World

“There is no good, and there is no evil. There is only the flesh and the patterns to which we submit it.” At least that was one of the things which the character Pinhead was supposed to say according...
The persecution of witches is a common theme within the history of witchcraft. Source: Matrioshka / Adobe Stock

The Long History of Witchcraft Persecution

Since the beginnings of history, humans believed in religions of a polytheist type, worshipping a plurality of gods and spirits. By proposing a monotheist religious system, Christianity intended to...
Mad monarchs usually battled themselves, but internal struggles often led to unforeseen encounters with other powerful forces like dragons!		Source: Dusan Kostic / Adobe Stock

Mad Monarchs and Dragons: Is there Truth Behind the Fantasy World of George R. R. Martin?

There is a saying stating that books are written from other books. Keeping this in mind, new books draw on ideas, aspects and inspiration contained within the pages of other already existing books...
Wendigos fall into the larger definition of cannibalism as they consume parts of living people.		Source: Daniel / Adobe Stock

Atypical Nourishment – Hematophagy, Cannibalism and Necrophagy

The character Renfield from Bram Stoker's “Dracula" admitted the importance of blood, saying that “The blood is the life." This idea is not new, for example, Maya kings attempted to obtain the good...
Human origins may be more closely linked to extraterrestrials than you might think! 	Source: rolffimages / Adobe Stock

The Great Silence of the Universe: Unusual Theories on Human Origins

Starting from the great enigmas of humankind, a series of questions have begun to emerge about the real truth behind human origins. Two of these are as follows: Has an advanced civilization dared to...
There is a myriad of mythology surrounding mirrors. Source: MiaStendal / Adobe Stock

Haunted Mirrors, Bloody Mary and Superstitious Mirror Mythology

A particular genre of mythology has formed around mirrors, made up of traditions and superstitions within cultures throughout the world. Researchers have tried to get to the bottom of these legends,...
Navajo mythology is woven into the Navajo culture and its legendary rugs. 		Source: Oscar Ghost / Adobe Stock

The Cosmic Tales of Navajo Mythology: Portals to Evolving Worlds

Around the globe, many mythologies talk about gods that came from the sky and their extraordinary feats. Navajo mythology also falls under this context. In the present day, Navajo Indians are in a...
The smile of death in the ancient land of Haiti leads to conversations about zombies and Voodoo, both of which are still living beliefs. 		Source: corradobarattaphotos / Adobe Stock

Zombies and Voodoo: The Living Dead Religion of Modern Haiti

On the list of the most well-known monsters from Hollywood movies, zombies clearly occupy one of the top positions. In their cinematographic version, they consume human flesh and brains with the...
Wonder Woman is just one of the mythological movies based on legendary myths told throughout ancient history. Source: Stanislav / Adobe Stock

9 Famous Movies Based on Ancient Myths and Legends

Since the beginning of movie making at the end of the 1880s, films have touched on a plethora of mythological themes. From the 1970s classic The Asphyx , to the action-packed Wonder Woman , we’ve...