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The Achaemenid circular structure discovered at Tappe Takhcar-Abad	Source: Mohsen Dana et al. / Antiquity

2,500-Year-Old Achaemenid Marvel Excavated in Iran

While excavating in a lightly explored eastern region of their home country, a team of Iranian archaeologists unearthed the remains of a solid circular adobe structure that featured six separate...
The oldest piece of tartan ever found in Scotland was created in the 16th century. Source: Alan Richardson / V&A Dundee

How to Build the Perfect Castle (Video)

Castles are iconic symbols of the Middle Ages, with their imposing walls, soaring towers, and intricate defenses. But how were these impressive structures built? And what does it take to construct...
A view of a reconstructed hut at the Nuraghe Antine site at night.

5 Must See Megaliths of the Mysterious Nuragic People

All over the Mediterranean island of Sardinia exist megalithic marvels that date from almost 4000 years ago. These mostly limestone structures are believed to have belonged to a civilization now...
A view of Nuragic complex of Palmavera

Nuraghe Palmavera: Examining the Legends of a Mysterious Civilization

In the 1930s, archaeologists uncovered the remains of megalith limestone structures believed to have belonged to the civilization of the Nuragic people. Known as ‘nuraghe’, these are the primary...
Famous structure of the Nuragic civilization. Su Nuraxi of Barumini, included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 1997

The Mysterious Nuragic Civilization of Sardinia

Throughout the ancient island of Sardinia, the story of the indigenous Nuragic civilization lies obscured by unanswered questions. Although one can examine thousands of their laboriously-assembled...
Bahla Fort, one of four historic fortresses in Oman

Bahla Fort: Oman’s Incredible Desert Oasis

Oman is the oldest independent nation in the Arab world and has many important historic forts that date from the pre-gunpowder era in the Middle East. Bahla Fort, which stands proud over the modern...
Zoroastrians have used Towers of Silence in their funerary practices

Zoroastrian Towers of Silence: Leaving the Dead for the Vultures

A tower of silence (known also as a ‘dakhma’) is a type of structure used for funerary purposes by adherents of the Zoroastrian faith. This Zoroastrian practice for the disposal of the dead involves...
St. Lambertus Church, Immerath.

Impressive Neo-Romanesque Church Destroyed by Mining Company in Germany

A 19th century Catholic Church in Germany was demolished last week by an energy company that destroyed an entire village in order to make way for coal mining in Immerath, Western Germany. The company...
Chullpas, Sillustani, Peru

Were the Ancient Funerary Towers of Sillustani Peru Originally Part of an Energy System?

Sillustani is a pre-Incan burial ground on the shores of Lake Umayo, about an hour’s drive from Puno in Peru, which is a large city on the shore of Lake Titicaca. The tombs, which are built above...
Pedro Madruga: Galician VIP…and Another Name for Christopher Columbus?

Pedro Madruga: Galician VIP…and Another Name for Christopher Columbus?

Pedro Madruga is remembered as one of the most important Galicians. His life was full of adventure and also created one of the greatest mysteries of this region. According to many researchers and...
The Khatt Shebib wall.

Mysterious Ancient Wall Extending Over 150km Investigated in Jordan

The Aerial Archaeology in Jordan Project has mapped out a mysterious ancient wall in Jordan extending for some 150 kilometers (93 miles), leaving archaeologists perplexed as to how it was built and...