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Mel Childs

Mel Childs was born in St. Louis, Missouri but now resides in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.  She moved to Georgia to attend college at Spelman College and loved it so much that she decided to call Georgia home.  At Spelman College, she acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in History with a concentration in Caribbean and Latin American history. 

History is her first love, but recently, Mel has turned her attention to book writing and film.  She has published a paranormal romance novel called The Vital Sacrifice in which she develops a main character that introduces a new interpretation of the Western concept of ‘the genie;’ a concept originally introduced to the West by Antoine Galland in the 19th century in his translation of One Thousand and One Nights.  She has also published a Law of Attraction book called The Missing LInk in which she discusses how to get the hardest part of manifestation - the ‘Believe and Receive’ phase – to work in your favor.  

Mel is a  full-time writer of both fiction and non-fiction books and is working on becoming a screenwriter and a documentary maker.   



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