The Pyramid Complex and the Hopi: Creation Myth Sheds Light on Building Plan

The Pyramid Complex and the Hopi: Creation Myth Sheds Light on Building Plan


The Egyptians did not build the pyramids.  No one living in the area can tell you; who built them, why they were built, when they were built, how they were built or why the pyramids at the complex were arranged in the particular order that they are arranged in.

I imagine long ago, the first person to use his small copper chisel and wooden mallet to dislodge the glue (a glue as strong as a spiders web) securing the casing stones and slide the first stone down the side of the pyramid, was greeted with cheers from his friends waiting at the bottom of the pyramid. They then may have used logs, camels, and perhaps the Nile to transport the stone to Cairo to build their city.

Artist’s depiction of the Great Pyramid of Egypt with casing stones intact.

Artist’s depiction of the Great Pyramid of Egypt with casing stones intact. (Source:

If money changed hands, a booming business probably emerged, and it might have taken them 20 years or so to remove all the casing stones and strip the pyramid of anything of value that they could carry off.  They probably camped in one of the old ruins nearby and brought their families there to live.



Spider-woman and Her Helpers

The Hopi Creation Story tells me who built the pyramids— Spider-woman with her helpers the Ant People (the Hopi refer to the pyramids as large ant hills in their story).  She is said to have done this because the Creator instructed her to put his plan down on Earth for all to see.  Like any good business man, the Creator had a reason and a plan.  

Grandmother Spider or Spider Woman of Native American lore.

Grandmother Spider or Spider Woman of Native American lore. (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The reason the Creator needed pyramids in Egypt, Mexico, and China, was the Earth had a problem.  It was believed it was out of balance when he first found it wobbling in space.  After Spider-woman built the pyramids, two twin ice caps formed on each pole and their weight stabilized the planet. Today the twins are melting. 

By Hopi count this is the fourth time the Creator has come back to correct this re-occurring problem. This might also be the reason why the pyramids have been built at different periods of time (after the first people were destroyed by fire, the second people destroyed by ice, and the third people destroyed by water, the great flood) and locations and why the murals around the pyramid complex have evolved from stick figures to beautiful colored decorations and carvings, just as we have evolved. 

A mural depicting Tawa, the Sun Spirit and Creator in Hopi mythology.

A mural depicting Tawa, the Sun Spirit and Creator in Hopi mythology. (Public Domain)

So what was the plan?  

The Plan at the Pyramid Complex

The Creator told Spider-women and his Nephew, that they were to remain here on Earth and start civilization.  The Creator wanted one for himself, one for his Nephew, and he would come back and fix the problem seven times, hoping that we would “wake up” and take care of our Earth and its problems ourselves in the future.

Diagram courtesy author Thomas O. Mills

Diagram courtesy author Thomas O. Mills

The largest pyramid, on the left, was for the Creator, the center pyramid was for the Nephew. The pyramid that represents our location in the plan today is positioned on the equinox—the perfect balance where the day is divided into two equal parts, half dark and half light, this pyramid is smaller than the two large pyramids. 

The three small satellite pyramids in front of the Creator’s pyramid could represent the next three worlds he has to create. The three small satellite pyramids behind the pyramid that represent our present location in the plan, could stand for the three past worlds destroyed by the fire, the ice and the water.

(Learn more about the calculations and connections between at the creation beliefs of the Hopi and the sites of the Egytpian Pyramid Plateau in The Valley of the Kings and the Hopi: Constellations Send Ancient Messages).

When the Hopi yearly Ceremonial Cycle is added to the complex, you see that we are in between the fourth and fifth cycle and about to cross over from this world to the next.

Diagram courtesy author Thomas O. Mills

Diagram courtesy author Thomas O. Mills

If this belief is correct, there should be evidence that the small satellite pyramids have been moved in the distant past in the first, second, and third sections.   

The Hopi Creation Story does not tell us how the pyramids were built but it covers the who, (Spider-woman and the Ant People), the why, (to help stablize the planet when it was out of balance), and the when, (in the beginning and after the Earth was destroyed by fire, ice, and a great flood), very well in my mind.

Thomas O. Mills is author of The Book Of Truth - A New Perspective on the Hopi Creation StoryMills uses his knowledge of the Hopi Ceremonial Cycles to connect ancient sites around the world. 


Top Image: Deriv; Pyramids of the Giza Plateau (CC BY-SA 2.0), and the Native American Spider-woman (CC BY-SA 3.0), and the Creator in Hopi mythology. (Public Domain)

By Thomas O. Mills


well thanks for the interesting read and the encouragement but i am also too old with previous obligations keeping me from going into the grand canyon.
you gave more information about the movement of orion but still not answer the question as to why the hopi and ancient (egyptians?) were so concentrated on that particular constellation. it is an easier one to find in the sky from my house but i figure it has moved about since the pyramids were built.

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Morning Yes It's Me. No I haven't. I'm a little to old but in my younger day I might have given it a try. The Colorado is fun to go downstream but its very hard to go upstream. I've been to the bottom of the canyon many times. You would have to get a permit from the Grand Canyon National Park Dept.

You might be interested in Hancock's, Message of the Sphinx. He explains that the constellations are traveling on the Ecliptic Path and Orion goes up and down on the Meridian account of the Earth's tilt. So at some point in time Orion's spear will hit the heart of the bull. This is also the reason why old Kiva's have to be rebuilt. Let me know when you find the chamber and what you find, you should be able to chase it down yourself. tom

Thomas O. Mills

i guess you haven't chased down your own instructions or you would have went on about what ever you found there, right? it is not the first tale to tell of the layout of the hopi tribal villages, egyptian pyramid orientation, and the appearance of the orion constellation and i wonder why did they choose that particular constellation?

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Hello Yes its me. The exact location would be north of the intersection of the little colorado and the colorado rivers. Where the star in Orion's shield would be located. Get a map of Arizona and a clear transparency of the constellation of Orion. The star Rigel would be the ancient ruins of Betatakin, the star Saiph would be the ancient ruins of Canyon de Chelly, the Hopi mesa's would be Orion's belt. Homolovi east of Winslow the star Betelgeuse, Wupatke the Star Bellatrix, and Orion's shield would be over the Grand Canyon pointing to the Supai at the bottom of the canyon. All of the star in the constellation are represented by villages on the ground. The star in the shield that is over the canyon and north of the intersection of the two rivers would be the location of the site you speak of. I know this because it make common sense to me. all the best. tom

Thomas O. Mills

who denies public access to and public acknowledgement of the 'egyptian tomb at the grand canyon' and how did you come to know this? do you also know the precise location? if so, why don't you just post it here?


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