Ruins of San Ignacio Miní, Argentina
Monday, May 27, 2019 - 01:59

The name Argentina comes from the Latin word for sliver 'argentum', and it is indeed a country rich architectural heritage, especially in its main cities.

Viking berserker
Sunday, May 26, 2019 - 22:57

Today, the word ‘berserk’ is used to describe anyone in an irrational, agitated state of mind who cannot or does not control his or her actions.

A lost desert city. Credit: frenta / Adobe Stock
Sunday, May 26, 2019 - 19:05

Today, the Kalahari Desert is known as a very dry place. The word Kalahari in fact comes from a Tswana word which means ‘great thirst’. 

Conway Castle, a fine medieval castle in Wales. Source: Pecold / Adobe Stock
Sunday, May 26, 2019 - 14:06

Wales is famous for many things - its singers, sports, incredible scenery and of course its many great castles. One of the most famous of these is Conway (Conwy) Castle, which is widely regarded as one of the finest medieval fortresses in all of Europe. 

Was Nitocris a female pharaoh in the 6th dynasty?
Sunday, May 26, 2019 - 01:51

Nitocris is claimed by some sources to have been a female pharaoh of ancient Egypt. However, prior to the Ptolemaic Dynasty, there were few female rulers in the history of ancient Egypt. Many of these women ruled only as regents for their underage sons.

300,000-year-old fossils of as many as 16 individual human ancestors have been found in a collapsed cave in China. Here is a reconstruction of a skull found at the site. Source: Wu Xiujie and Erik Trinkaus
Saturday, May 25, 2019 - 22:11

In China, paleontologists have announced a very important discovery of human fossils and artifacts.  They have uncovered a large number of fossils of early relatives of modern humans in a cave. 


Archaeology News on Human Origins, Ancient Places and Mysterious Phenomena

Akhenaten, relief of the pylons of the house of Panehsy, Chief Servitor of the Aten. It depicts Akhenaten making offerings to the Aten.

Pharaoh Akhenaten: An Alternative View of the Heretic King

Amenhotep IV, also known as the Pharaoh Akhenaten, was destined to be remembered for his attempt at a religious conversion of ancient Egypt; one that saw the old gods put aside and replaced by a...
A diver holds the skull of an ancient bear known as an Arctotherium. It is one of the species of “prehistoric monsters” found in an underwater Yucatan cave.

Fossils of Giant Prehistoric Beasts Discovered in Underwater Ice Age Death Cave

More than 10,000 years ago, as the last Ice Age ended, vast sheets of ice receded, scarring and causing massive cracks to appear on the bridge between North and South America. At that time, the land...
Since before recorded history of Ireland there have been countless Ireland Invasions.

Book of Invasions: The Mytho-Historical Text About Those Who Came to Conquer Ireland

Written records of the history of Ireland did not appear until the Middle Ages. As a result, much of the early history of Ireland is shrouded in mystery. Megalithic tombs and other structures dot the...
the forbidden city in Beijing (chungking/ adobe stock)

Chinese Fantastic Beasts: The Taotie Demon Who Eats Humans

A strange animal that preys upon unsuspecting travelers, who devours them but cannot swallow them, may be representative of the human sin of gluttony, as the taotie, a Chinese mythological fantastic...
Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, USA. Source: Margaret River/CC BY ND 2.0

Mammoth Cave: An Underground Attraction That Sparked a War in Kentucky

No remains of mammoths have been found in the underground maze called Mammoth Cave - the name refers to the sheer size of its entrance. Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, USA, is a remarkable...
Close-up of a woman's eyes and red bindi.

Bindi: Investigating the True Meaning Behind the Hindu Forehead Dot

A distinct dot is a popular forehead decoration worn mainly in South Asia - especially in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius. It is an old Hindu tradition and is known as a bindi,...
Atreus and Thyestes. Two members of the House of Atreus.

The Curse of the House of Atreus: A Dysfunctional Family Taken to Extremes

The Ancient Greeks often spoke of the Heroic Age, when nymphs and satyrs cultivated the mountains and gods played with mortals. Among the Greek myths that take place in the Heroic Age is the story of...
Mesha stele has been claimed to hold proof of the existence of King Balak

Experts Claim New Mesha Stele Reading Provides Evidence Biblical King Was An Historical Figure

Researchers in Israel believe that they have found evidence that a biblical king was a historic figure. They believe that a damaged inscribed tablet known as the Mesha Stele offers proof that a...
Medieval Carcassonne town view, France. Source: Nejron Photo / Adobe

Carcassonne: Europe’s Largest Medieval Fortified City Was Defended by Straw Soldiers

Carcassonne is Europe’s largest fortified city that still stands today. It is located in Aude, a department in the southern French region of Occitanie . The city is divided into two parts by the Aude...
Huangmenyan cave, site of the squatting burial found in China.

Cave With 25,000 Years of Human History Now Delivers Headless Squatting Woman

In China , archaeologists have made an extraordinary discovery from over 13,000 years ago according to the State News Agency. During excavations in a cave, they have unearthed the headless remains of...
Baishiya Karst Cave in Xiahe,China. Source: (Dongju Zhang, Lanzhou University) Insert: The Xiahe mandible, only represented by its right half, was found in 1980 in Baishiya Karst Cave. (Dongju Zhang, Lanzhou University)

Denisovan Jaw: The First Physical Evidence for the Mysterious Hominins Outside Their Original Cave!

Research into the Denisovan story is always fascinating. This group of ancient hominins has been something of a mystery ever since they were first discovered in 2010 as an extinct sister group to the...
Hecate: Procession to a Witches' Sabbath by Jusepe de Ribera  (1591–1652) (Public Domain)

The Fate of English Witches: From Water Torture to Divine Retribution

During the Early Modern period of European history – from the Renaissance (1500) to the French Revolution (1800), hundreds of thousands of witches suffered the terrible fate of being burned at the...
Lord Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama: How The Father of Buddhism Walked From Suffering to Enlightenment

Siddhartha Gautama, also known as the Buddha or “Enlightened One,” is probably one of the most influential individuals to come out of India through the incidental founding of Buddhism . Siddhartha...
'A May Day celebration’ by William Powell Frith.

May Day’s Weird and Wonderful Pagan Roots

May 1st is an ancient Northern Hemisphere festival, now known as ‘May Day’, which traditionally marked the return of summer. It is believed that the celebrations originated in agricultural rituals...
Beltane. Source: chrisdonia/CC BY NC SA 2.0

Beltane: Celtic Fire Festival Beckons with the Warmth of Summer

Celtic tribes celebrated Beltane to welcome the return of summer. Since at least the Iron Age, celebrations have included fire ceremonies, feasting, and fertility rites. Historically, the festival...
There are numerous hidden Romanian treasures. Source: samiramay / Adobe.

Hidden Romanian Treasures– A Cursed History

People have spoken of hidden Romanian treasures for generations. Some of these stories are terrible, but each tale involves mystery, curses , and legends. Some even speak of how entire subterranean...