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Scott Williams

Scott Edwin Williams is an optimistic smartass, writer, educator, humorist, and history nerd. His fascination with humanity’s lightbulb moments began as a child while watching the first moon landing. The rest is… history. Scott splits his time between writing and making learning fun for his students. His offbeat style is the result of his obsession with the past, coupled with a deep love of the absurd. What else would you expect from an Australian who claims descent from a chicken thief and a bigamist? He lives in Sydney, Australia. He is the author of Lightbulb Moments in Human History: From Cave to Colosseum.   Scott is currently working on his next book Lightbulb Moments in Human History: From Peasants to Periwigs.


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Cavemen puzzled by a mobile phone  ( Blue Planet Studio/Adobe Stock)

Collective Learning: So Easy, Even A Caveman Could Do It

Ever since Darwin brought up the fact that the human race had apes as distant ancestors, modern humans have been uneasy and a little defensive. They mocked the simian nature of Australopithecus ,...
Bloody gladiator sports at the Colosseum ( Gasi/ Adobe Stock)

Are You Not Entertained? A Take On Professional Sports, Philosophy and Wargames In Ancient Rome

The poet Juvenal berated the Roman people for allowing themselves to be seduced by slimy politicians who bought their votes with free wheat and expensive circus games: “Already long ago, from when we...