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The non-human body presented at the Congress of Mexico     Source: Camara de Diputados/Congress de Mexico

‘Non-Human’ Bodies Presented at Mexican Congress

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At a recent Mexican Congress UFO hearing, scientists and pilots have shared their experiences with “anomalous phenomena”, in an attempt to shed light on the escalating global discussion surrounding unidentified flying objects and their potential extraterrestrial origins. The headline grabbing presentation today involves two, quintessentially Spielberg-style extraterrestrial looking, ‘non-human’ bodies, allegedly found near Cuzco, Peru.

Covered first by Mexican news providers, the revelation by Jaime Maussan, a noted, and quickly becoming notorious, ufologist is a gamechanger, if these claims were to be proved real, untampered with specimens. But this is not the first time Maussan has been in the news related to three-fingered aliens. And the previous examples were soundly debunked and revealed as remains of human children, tampered with.

One does have to be a little surprised to learn Maussan and his group have managed to get themselves listened to by the Mexican Congress. But such is the Zeitgeist of the world at present. So let’s take a look at the latest ‘find’.

UFO Specialist Showcases 'Alien' Bodies at Mexican Congress Event

On Tuesday, seasoned Mexican UFO investigator Jaime Maussan made his stunning revelation before the Mexican Congress by introducing two purportedly non-human mummies. These bodies, claimed to be recovered from a mine in Cusco, Peru, have defied conventional scientific explanations, with 30% of their genetic makeup still unclassified, explained Maussan.

The age of these specimens, which have three fingers, lack teeth, and appear to have a unique vision system, is estimated to be over 1,000 years, based on carbon dating done by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). However, their sandy coating, atypical of analyzed fossils, has raised eyebrows.

While many online have expressed skepticism, comparing the mummies to "mutated cats", Maussan firmly stated, as reported by the Daily Mail:

"These beings were discovered in diatom mines, not after a UFO crash. Their origin in our terrestrial evolutionary timeline is untraceable."

He further emphasized the need to reevaluate historical accounts, commenting:

"Whether extraterrestrial or not, they coexisted with us. Our history books must reflect this."

This skull presented is unlike any ever seen on Earth. (Camara de Diputados/Congress de Mexico)

This skull presented is unlike any ever seen on Earth. (Camara de Diputados/Congress de Mexico)

An Audacious Announcement, So What’s the Proof?

Film from the public event shows the mummified entities with distinct features: three-fingered hands and avian characteristics like retractable necks and long skulls. Moreover, X-ray imaging of the two bodies was presented, and testing is claimed to have revealed unusual findings like cadmium and osmium implants, the latter being an incredibly rare element.

The other revelation from the X-ray is that one of the bodies appears to have eggs inside.

It should be remembered that although this evidence has been presented in an official public forum, with examinations and analysis put forward, it is yet to undergo any peer review. What’s more, these are not brand new finds, and have already been examined in Peru. 

Other eminent personalities, including Abraham Avi Loeb from Harvard Astronomy Department and Ryan Graves, a retired director of the US Navy, participated in the event. Loeb advocated for an international collaborative effort to delve deeper into the research of these specimens.

Some reports stated that some of the tests had been undertaken by Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAD) in Mexico City However, Rafael Bojalil-Parra, research reinforcement director at the university stated the only test done at the university was a carbon-14 test in 2017, reported Live Science.

Previous claims by Maussan, including the discovery of a mummified body near Peru's enigmatic Nazca Lines in 2015, which have a similar looking surface material, were identified as human child remains, with finger and toe bones rearranged to form the three-long-fingered hand.

A later discovery of a ‘tiny alien’ from Chile, was eventually explained as an miscarried fetus.

So, although it seems the Mexican government will be treating these claims with due diligence, and is setting up an investigation, hopes for their credibility are seriously undermined due to the people involved and the similarities to previous disappointments.

The truth of this very public show – if it is real find of interest, a deliberate modern hoax, an historic hoax rediscovered, or another explanation - remains to be concluded, but it seems it has already been found.

Top image: The non-human body presented at the Congress of Mexico     Source: Camara de Diputados/Congress de Mexico

Update: 14 September 2023, to add information that the only testing performed at UAD was carbon-14 dating in 2017.

By Gary Manners



Aliens are important to tyranny for another reason. When conspiracy theorists regurgitate lizard-people lies, it discredits their many conspiracy theories which are manifestly true, through guilt by association.

This is possible because ordinary conspiracy theorists do not filter the intelligence service lies out proficiently and because ordinary people filter the truth out when it is associated with an obvious and egregious lie.

This leaves us with two main groups - those who believe too much and those who believe too little.

Those who identify the lies sufficiently, so as to allow the truth to reveal itself, are rarer than an alien mummy. With fewer friends...

Aliens are very important. We need our governments to protect us from them.

Yes, aliens are very important to our tyrannical governmental overlords who have much to gain from us being scared...

Of nothing. Rather than something (ie. our governments themselves).

As an actual conspiracy witness, I have no need of lizard-people beliefs. Our puppet governments are sufficiently scary.

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Gary is an editor and content manager for Ancient Origins. He has a BA in Politics and Philosophy from the University of York and a Diploma in Marketing from CIM. He has worked in education, the educational sector, social work... Read More

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