Bulgarian farmer discovers skull resembling werewolf

Bizarre Discovery of Werewolf-Like Skull in a Chained Box in Bulgaria


A Bulgarian born farmer, Trayche Draganov, claims to have found a box, chained shut, containing a werewolf-like skull while ploughing a new section of field in the village of Novo Selo, Republic of Macedonia.

The account was reported to Ancient Origins by historian Filip Ganev, who spent time in Novo Selo while conducting research for his book on the Balkan Wars. Mr Ganev met the farmer, who showed him the box containing the unusual skull. He reported that the skull appears wolf-like with the exception of an enlarged cranium, a trait found only in primate species.

Mr Ganev photographed the skull and shared them with government wildlife officials, who concluded that it was likely a wolf that suffered from Paget Disease, a condition which causes the skull to increase in size and appear more human-like.

Novo Selo - Macedonia

The skull was found in a field in Novo Selo, a small village in the Republic of Macedonia. Credit: Filip Ganev

Mr Ganev said that werewolves have been a staple of Balkan folklore since before recorded history. The legends vary from region to region as far as how and why one becomes a werewolf. Some believe that a person is born with the ability to shape shift into a wolf. Babies born with hair are said to have a proclivity for this. Other regions believe that a person who died in a mortal sin or made some other union with the devil would be reborn as werewolves. Though the differences are great, one thing that they all share is how to dispose of a werewolf corpse.

Woodcut of a werewolf attack

Woodcut of a werewolf attack, by Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1512 ( Wikipedia)

Werewolves were always dealt with by an exorcism by a parish priest, decapitation and burning of the body. It was thought that werewolves were to be killed on Saturday because that was the day they lay resting in their graves and could be easily caught. In the case of this Macedonian werewolf, it seems as though it was disposed of properly. At least until it was unearthed by a curious farmer.

The werewolf-like skull

The werewolf-like skull was found in a box that was chained shut. Credit: Filip Ganev

Trayche does not fear that the spirit of the werewolf will be released and he is very proud of his discovery, showing it off to anyone who cares to look. He admits that others in the village do not share his flippant attitude and feel that it would have been better left in the ground. “Many of my neighbors are angry that I disturbed the vrkolak (werewolf),” said Trayche. “They say that I will be reborn as a werewolf. If that is now my fate, so be it. What is done is done."

Featured image: Werewolf-like skull found by a farmer in Macedonia. Credit: Filip Ganev

By April Holloway


Wish the skull was dated to see when the animal lived. To me, it looks like a Baboon skull. Baboons have fierce canine teeth and larger skulls because they are indeed a primate. Maybe this is a hoax and someone buried a Baboon skull in a box. It has to be dated to determine anything further but it sure looks like a Baboon.....teeth, eyes and skull.

Rob Gonzalez

Makes me laugh. So many people are always so sure that what they think is what is actually the case. Sorry but you don't know. You're making a guess. As I see it, the process is obvious:

First, is it a hoax? That would be my guess. Of course it's possible that someone would find something like that and make a public announcement straightaway but that seems strange to me.

If it isn't hoax, then as I see it, things get trickier. All indications are that official research into anomalies isn't always open and honest. And given that it's now public knowledge, genuine investigation would be even more difficult.

The Skull shape at first glance is like a baboon, but the teeth are more simular in shape and quantity to that of a wolf, Baboons have only 4 large square shaped teeth between the front canine teeth, wolves have 6 sharper and smaller front teeth between the canine teeth, and this skull looks to have wolf type teeth, It cant be a baboon.

I'd be more interested in the box this skull was buried in. The wood doesn't seem to be very rotted for having been in the ground for long. Wood rots quickly once it is underground. Small tree branches in my compost pile take only a couple of years to break down completely. I would say this is a hoax. The writing on the box could put an end to this speculation. Sounds like this farmer wants to play Hallowe'en.


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