Skeleton of a giant found in Romania.

Exposing the Secret History of Giants and the Underground Hyperborean Gallery in Romania


With Rosia Montana being a mining area, a number of interesting discoveries have been unearthed there over the years – one of the most interesting being a skeleton of a 10 meter (32.8 feet) tall giant which was found in 1976.

About 5,500 years ago, an underground gallery was constructed in the region by the Agathyrsi. In February 2012, a group of geologists followed the gold vein in the same place. They kept digging until they ended up at the base of the gallery. To their utter surprise, they found a gravestone which was definitely not made of common rock. The geologists took a sample, and the laboratory results revealed that the components of the tombstone included 55% 50 karat gold dust, 15% granite dust and 30% wolfram. Also, the analysis revealed that the composite rock had been made using a type of technology unknown today.

The Hyperborean Gallery

Known by the name of “The Hyperborean Gallery” or “Gallery 13”, the place of this amazing discovery is located beneath Cornea village. A number of other discoveries were made at the site in 1976. However, in the name of “security” the anthropological and archaeological discoveries were deemed too unusual and shocking for the time, so the gallery was permanently sealed.



The gravestone was not the only unusual item found inside the gallery. On it, archaeologists found a 10 meter (32.8 ft.) tall skeleton of a giant. Apparently, the giant had been buried there after his death, with his legs gathered on one side. Lacking the proper equipment necessary to analyze such a find, the skeleton was sent to Moscow. Unfortunately, nothing has been reported about the giant ever since.

The discovery of a skeleton that measures 10 meters or 32.8 Feet.

The discovery of a skeleton that measures 10 meters or 32.8 Feet. ( Oculto Revalado A Verdade )

As for the tombstone, a new series of research was planned to analyze it in 2012. The relic was dug up once again and measurements showed that it was six meters (19.7 feet) wide, twelve meters (39.4 feet) long and three meters (9.8 feet) tall. It weighed almost 1700 tons and contained somewhere around 900 tons of solid gold. To make a comparison, such a quantity of gold would have required over twenty years of mining work to gather. The last thing known about the gravestone is that it had been cut up into 80 smaller pieces in order to make its transportation possible. As for its destination, it is not known where it lies today.

One of the archaeologists working in Gallery 13 took a set of photos with the gravestone and sent them to a paleolinguist. The latter noticed emerald green bas-relief writing covering the entire surface of the artifact. The text had been written in three parallel rows which started in the upper left. From there, the writing descended diagonally, similar to a serpent, and formed a spiral around a wolf head. Finally, the script ended in the lower right corner. The paleolinguist speculated that the unknown writing could be Pelasgian and that the discovery with its markings and writing clearly possessed great cultural and historical value. Nevertheless, the gravestone was cut and melted. The state obtained a share of 19 pieces, 31%, as stipulated in the local gold exploitation contract.

During the excavation, the lifting of the gravestone also revealed the entrance to a pit. The four meter (13.1 feet) diameter pit had a descending spiral stairway and a milky violet light radiated from the inside. A closer inspection of the stairs made it clear that they looked as if cut into the walls of the pit by a laser and, as for the violet light, nobody could determine its source.

Curious to find the source of the light and to see what was inside, the paleolinguist descended into the pit, but nobody else proved brave enough to join him. The night passed and the man never returned from the pit.

Ultimately, the army sealed the entry to the pit, as well as the entire Gallery 13, with cement. Those present never talked about the discoveries again - as they had been made to sign confidentiality agreements, therefore what lies beyond the staircase of the pit remains a mystery.

Romanian Giant Legends

Depending on the region of Romania where the legends come from, there are different names for giants. In the Boziorul area, giants are known as “tartars” (“tartari”), for example. A number of unusually tall skeletons have been uncovered at Scaieni, in Buzaului Mountains. For instance, when locals tried to plant apple trees on a hill, they accidentally discovered humanoid skeletons of over 2.4 meters (8.2 feet) tall along with pottery fragments.

vSkyline of Buzaului Mountain.

Skyline of Buzaului Mountain. ( Public Domain )

Knowing the local legends, people from the area immediately thought about the tartars. One of these legends even claims that the mountain formation known as the “Pillars of Tainita” (“Stalpii Tainitei”) had actually been built by these giants of old. In the past, the giants were also credited for building two large underground halls somewhere beneath the mountain.

The strange formation which can be seen up on Tainita Mountain resembles a set of stone chairs. As they are found at high altitude and in a highly inaccessible area, locals claim that tartars built the chairs to sit on when they wanted to gather for council.

Artistic representation of a Romanian giant.

Artistic representation of a Romanian giant. ( The Incredibly Long Journey )

Another legend from Hateg Country (“Tara Hategului”), tells the tale of two giantesses who built two cities: one in Deva and the other on the peak of the Severed Mountain (“Muntele Retezat”) respectively. Upon the end of the construction, when the giantess from Deva beheld her rival’s city and saw it had turned out more beautiful, she became envious. In a moment of rage, she threw a plough towards the mountain citadel - destroying it and severing the top of the mountain at the same time. In this way, the mountain earned its name, being known ever since as the Severed Mountain.

The Retezat Mountains seen from atop one of them (Vârfu Mare, "The Big Peak").

The Retezat Mountains seen from atop one of them (Vârfu Mare, "The Big Peak"). ( Public Domain )

In regions such as Teleorman, Giurgiu, and southern Muntenia, giants are known as “jidovs” (“jidovi”). A local legend speaks about a hero going by the name of Novac who fought a jidov. Once the giant was defeated, he ran away to save his life, but in his flight he left a mark on the ground. The area has been called “Brazda lui Novac” ever since. In the region there are also other formations called “maguri” by locals who believe that these have been built by giants.

Giant Discoveries in Romania

A number of archaeological discoveries have been made in Giurgiu. For example, it was found that in Argedava, King Burebista had his first city (before he unified the Dacian tribes of the area). Yet, an even more interesting discovery was made between the years 1940 and 1950. In this period, archaeologists unearthed 80 humanoid skeletons which appeared to be giants. The huge skeletons measured about four to five meters (13-16 feet) in height.

Giant skeletons have been unearthed in other parts of the country as well. As one example, in October 1989, 20 giant skeletons were found in Pantelimon – Lebada.

A sculpture of a giant’s leg in Corbii din Piatra, Romania.

A sculpture of a giant’s leg in Corbii din Piatra, Romania. ( Nicubunu/CC BY SA 3.0 )

Other such discoveries have been unearthed at Polovragi, at Cetateni, beneath Negru Voda Monastery, and in the Bucegi Mountains - where the existence of a network of underground tunnels surprised workers.

Secrets within the Bucegi Mountains

Secrets within the Bucegi Mountains (

Thus, skeletons of giants have been discovered in many places around Romania. To get straight to the point, giants have been discovered in: Scaieni in Buzau County, Mariuta in Calarasi County, Persani Mountains, Polovragi, Piatra Craiului, Tara Hategului, Cetateni beneath Negru Voda Monastery, and in many other places.

In Maramures, the Fortress of Oncesti (“Cetatea de la Oncesti”) was believed to be the home of the giants. At Argedava, giants with a height of over five meters (16 feet) have been discovered in 80 graves. Although most are suddenly “lost” after being discovered, the secret Romanian giants continue to be unearthed.

Featured image: Skeleton of a giant found in Romania. (

By Valda Roric


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Here’s a helpful hint which you can use anytime you consider setting mickey mouse comparrisons against reality.


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It’s a pretty big waste of time using such disengenuous examples, especially ones which can be turned around and used on you!!


That’s why so many intillegent Christians become sarcastic from time to time.


 I do tend to be sarcastic with people who jump into conversations with the non existant evolutionary sky fairy, and that's because It actually amazes me that in the 21st century people still believe in it.

And if you ask them to show you all the scientific observable proof they have for their non existant evolutionary sky fairy explanation, they say foolish things such as “D’ahhh can’t you see all the different kinds of dogs? or any number of equally foolish examples.

Ihave asked several "Believers" why would such a loving good and holy god create a world in which for anything to live something else has to die?

Gee, let’s see I ask inflamatary, loaded questions of which I will never take them seriously, then people become aggrevated at me...hmmmI wonder whay that might be?


If you had have ever read God’s book you wouldn’t need to ask silly questions because you would have known that the universe and earth, all life etc, was NOT created as it presently is. As a matter of fact, it was created perfectly as were we. Then people decided they didn’t need God anymore...come to think of it, that would be people like you Michael, but I difress.


So, God told them “hey, if you think you can do a better job than me...GOD, then so be it. Get out of the perfect home I created for you ingrates and let’s see how the world fares with man in control.

How are we doing so far Michael? See how being ill informed and refusing to listen, or read God’s word leads?


Michael said – “the way I look at it is this, say we are having a serious discussion about science or nature “

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Evolutionary explanations don’t add up. That’s why more and more evpolution scientists are risking their careers and reputations, and are admitting publically that it is effectively dead. There is always going to be a last ditch effort by the few dinosaurs who have invested everything in this godless silly explanation, and would rather live in a state of denial and go down with the ship, than accept the only explanation left.


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Hi Jack just read your post, I don't believe in the Big Bang Myth either I think it's even less believable than the sky fairy myth, I do however believe that there was a race of giants somewhere back in time and the reason is simple to me, if you look back at animals and plants there was clear evidence that there was giant versions of them and so why not Humans, I do tend to be sarcastic with people who jump into conversations with the sky fairy and that's because It actually amazes me that in the 21st century people still believe in it. and if you ask them about all the badness in the world it's the devil, I have asked several "Believers" why would such a loving good and holy god create a world in which for anything to live something else has to die? and got some amount of hate mail and was reported to AO admin over it. the way I look at it is this, say we are having a serious discussion about science or nature and I came out with "Oh I know it's true cause Micky Mouse told me" what would your response be to me or would you take me serious

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Ya, that’s almost as rediculous as “nothing” exploding without causality, and becoming time, space, and matter.

Smart people like you don’t believe in that nonsense I hope!

Hey, it could be worse, just imagine someone believing all that nonsense, then he also believed that life created it self !! No way!!

Seriously now. I don’t enjoy belittlingt people because they believe in foolish things like that, so maybe you should turn the heat down a few notches also. It’s not as thought there’s ANY real scientific fact in any of that. It’s all supposition based on personal pardigm.

There’s this fgalse narrative going around and around that all this big bang and abiogenesis has been all nicely worked out with real scientific methodology  and it’s all proven scientific fact. It is not. It’s faith based, exactly like the “sky daddy” or whatever variation you enjoy beating others with the the most.

 I mean you would have to explain how a cell could form without pre programmed, fully functioning  DNA right? And just think about that for a would need to be specifically PRE programed –  now that presents a very serious problem, obvious reasons aside – PRE programming infers specificity – PRE knowledge. 

And, in order to get Pre programmed DNA you would need a fully formed, fully functioning cell with DNA already pre programmed and operating, otherwise, no DNA!

Being sarcastic of other people’s faith doesn’t make you look any smarter.

Why can’t adults be adult in this area? Nobody has anything conclusive, and so logically that leave all possibilities, even those we feel are rediculous.

This is the reason I’ve stayed away from the debate. People can be really sarcastic, and that just doesn’t belongt in any mutually respectful, adult discussion, regardless of hoe strong anyone’s personal feelings are.


I haven’t posted here for months because of this foolishness, and I am just as guilty! I never start of with sarcasm, but unfortunatly I do sometimes react in kind, and I don’t feel good about that, and so I stay away. 

Is this what A.O. wants this potentially great forum to melt down to?




Once you bring the bible or any mention of the sky fairy into the conversation it negates your argument, now I have a question for you,which do you think is more likely that we evolved from the apes or the sky fairy made us????

the answer is simple . read the biblical account,genesis 6,4.this started long ago.why does the smithsonian want to cover it up or deny them because that would mess up there evolution millions of years theory and you believe you came from a monkey.


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